Hickory Stick Quilt Shop – Hannibal, Missouri — where I went crazy and continuing my quilt shop shopping – I really thought I needed to help the economy out I guess – I don’t know what I was thinking other than what a great sale I had found!  The shop looked small from the outside – but it went room to room to room.  I really enjoyed my time there – if you are in the area – it is right across from the Mark Twain historical area – which is what we went there for to begin with!









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  1. Well, if I’m ever in that area, I will definitely stop in. Not only is a quilt shop, but how can you not love the name of the place!

    P.S. I like to help the economy out when I can too :) Especially in a quilt shop!
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  2. wow! I wish we had one that nice – even in Montgomery, ours is tiny! And our other two fabric stores have so much other “stuff” (that’s all i’m going to say about that!) that it’s hard to shop for quilting needs! And since they have so much other “stuff” they are not devoted to keeping a lot of the needed quilting supplies taht a quilt shop has!

  3. What a fun shop! I have been to Hannibal before, but it was quite a few years ago before I started quilting. Next visit I will have to check out the fun shops along the way.
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  4. what a wonderful shop, hope there is one in China. Mostly we can only buy farics and tools on webshop, sometime, the farics you received looks totally different with the photos. what a good photographer the shop owner is.

  5. Still trying to catch up on your posts. I love the what looks like a garden quilt hanging high in that last photo that was taken through the doorway. Love the colors!

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