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Yes I have been busy since we got back from our trip.  I have two more scheduled posts from our trip and then it is done.  Right now I am trying to finish up on three things and have been concentrating on them.

X Marks the Spot – 49 X’s and all but 12 of the X’s are quilted and the border – pretty much straight across this area is where I am working right now.


The triangle quilt has no name right now.  I can’t come up with one!  I decided after I put the first black border on it to leave it at that – I liked it as is  and the red strips I cut were put in the strings box for later use.


I am trying to machine quilt straight lines on it and it will be a work in progress for several days.  I got it pin basted yesterday and got started.  I will try to do a couple hours of work on it throughout the weekend and maybe it will be done by Monday.  Just want to get it done!  Yes I thought I would give machine quilting another try – I do not know if I will be satisfied with it though.


I have been working on Joseph’s Coat as well.  Progress but not a lot.


I will get back to the other projects soon.

EDITED:  I should mention I suppose that I am not affiliated with either of these shops!  Just something I wanted to share.

I don’t know about the rest of you but yesterday’s mail brought me two quilting catalogs – one from Keepsake Quilting and one from Nancy’s Notions and I have never noticed such a difference in price on the same item as in these two catalogs!!  The links go to the pattern shown below.

This pattern is from McKenna Ryan called “Heaven and Nature” – a Xmas quilt – Keepsake offers it for 79.99 per month as a 7 month block of the month – a total of $560.00!!  Nancy’s on the other hand offers it at $189 for the patterns and the fabric package (total 13 yards)  I don’t know why there is such a difference in price – the fabric looks the same – mostly batiks.  I checked their web pages and what is on the catalog listed as price is the same on the web pages.  You might want to check it out if you are interested in the  pattern before you buy.  I love it and would love to buy it but I think I already got enough fabric and quilting stuff while we traveled Sad smile would love it though!


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Sue Oct 11, 2012

    Those quilts are gorgeous. I long to sit and hand quilt a quilt again and hope to be able to start one over the winter. My little Jo quilt I’m working on with have some straight line quilting on it and at the machine just so I can get it done to enjoy it this fall. I feel like I’m already a little behind on that.
    Sue recently posted…Nine Patchers UniteMy Profile

  • Doreen Oct 11, 2012

    I am glad you decided to stop with the black/white border on the triangle/pyramid quilt. Will you be binding it in black, also?? I hope the machine quilting goes well for you……it does take a bit of doing it to get ‘in the swing’ (just like hand work). Your other projects are coming along well. You have really done well this summer, of course the fact that it was so hot one couldn’t really enjoy being out of doors did play a part. I don’t remember a summer like it!!!! Hugs, D
    Doreen recently posted…Errands…….and tasks……My Profile

  • Tim Latimer Oct 11, 2012

    I love love love that triangle quilt! beautiful!!
    Tim Latimer recently posted…Hand Quilting the Tim wayMy Profile

  • Vicki W Oct 11, 2012

    I have always thougt that Keepsake was more expensive than everyone else across the board. I had the opportunity to visit the shop once and it was really expensive. I didn’t buy anything…..a rarity!
    Vicki W recently posted…Get ready for the Blogger’s Quilt FestivalMy Profile

  • Mary L Oct 11, 2012

    I just LOVE that triangle quilt!
    Mary L recently posted…Quilt ShowMy Profile

  • Karen L. Oct 11, 2012

    Still catching up: That triangle quilt is quite stunning from a distance. You really get to see the overall design and some …. um, I don’t know what to call it except “movement”. It’s such a great scrappy quilt. Makes me think of mountain peaks such as in Pike’s Peak. Machine quilting is just like hand quilting. It takes a lot of practice and you have to do some every week to keep up with the skill. I know you prefer hand quilting but I think when you are finished, this quilt will look great. No one else will notice any “mistakes” that you think you have made in the quilting.

  • Karen L. Oct 11, 2012

    PS: Forgot to mention that I also have always thought Keepsake Quilting is rather expensive and have only bought from them a few times when there was a sale. They do have nice things and are very helpful to their customers though. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes not. In these times we need to check around for prices for sure. I bought Ryan’s other Christmas pattern sets (When Friends Gather and A Journey to Light) on ebay used and got a great price. I will have to pick out my own fabric but I am hoping that I will already have a lot of what I could use in my stash.

  • Penny Oct 12, 2012

    Karen, your triangle quilt is definitely stunning, and I like just the black border. Always enjoy the updates on Joseph’s Coat and X Marks the Spot, you must be excited that they are nearing the finished line. As you know I am only a slightly advanced beginner at Machine Quilting, but when using the walking foot go slower than you would do for piecing. The best advice I was given for FMQ was to go slower with it also. That is when I started to feel comfortable with it and advance skill wise.That is a hugh difference in price on the Mckenna Ryan quilt and the only difference is Keepsake has precut fusible applique pieces. Maybe that is what you have to pay to save time. It reminds of that other quilt you liked a short time ago from the Australian designer that was expensive. Anyway, hope this goes through as our laptop keeps crashing, so frustrating.

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