Show and Tell


Last night was quilt group and it was packed – so many new ladies came, I never caught names.  I am horrible with names to begin with and all these new ladies showing up – well I will never remember all the names now!  So many quilts laid out.  I haven’t  clue who made most of them – here and there I know but the majority I do not.

I do know this one – friend Regina made this table topper – by hand.


Look at this thimble – so cute, she does really good work.




Shirley from our Friday morning group made this one.



I think Peggy made this one, but I won’t swear to it.


I know Lori made this one, she still has several borders to put around it.



So many little hexie’s I don’t remember who did this one.


It was much more crowded than normal and so noisy – I only stayed until 8 and then took off – I was getting a headache.  I will go to my Friday morning group this morning and try to get some more of the little flowers made.  I almost got 2 made last night.

More vacation photos later today.

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  • Doreen Oct 5, 2012

    And this is one of the reasons we attend such gatherings…..the inspiration is overwhelming!!!! Such fun! I don’t do well with names, either. It is a rare gift! Look forward to your next post!!!!!
    Doreen recently posted…The day after……..My Profile

  • Karen L. Oct 5, 2012

    Wow, what a lot of beautiful quilts!!! As Doreen said, it’s nice to see others’ quilts for the inspiration they give.
    I belong to a small quilt group also of about 15 woman and even that group gets too noisy sometimes. Seems like we all have to talk at the same time but that seems to be happening everywhere now.

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