The Addiction of Hexie’s


I am now beginning to understand the addiction some quilters have for making hexies.  I would never do a whole quilt with these tiny 1/2 inch hexies that I am working on for this applique border– but if I would go to 1 inch hexies which are so much bigger I just might Smile Oh no another project for the endless never ending road of quilt tops!

No photos of other quilts today from our small quilt group – only one other person showed up while I was there – I had to leave by 10:15 and one other showed up with her knitting shortly before I left.  People out of town or doing other things I guess.  I was able to lay out my big Bow Tie quilt (100 x 100 inches) to get a photo of the applique glue basted in place so far so that was nice.  I just can not do it here at home without moving heavy furniture out of place!



The beginning of the upper left side – this is not even glue basted in place I want to get all of them done so I can fool with color placement and draw a straight line to place them on so they will be even.  They are to go point to point next to each other, but I need to look at the corner to see what the placement is for that.  This is not going to the half way point on these sides – maybe a quarter of the measurement – I’m not sure yet and will decide as I go.  They need to go a little closer to the area the binding will go at also as it is to look more (I think) as though they are half flowers – maybe with the intention (imagination that they are on the other side of the quilt as well).  Right now I am thinking maybe 7 to 10 on each side here.


We had the expected cold front come through Arkansas late yesterday afternoon here – actually closer to evening – it was a grand 44 this morning when I got up compared to a high yesterday of about 82 I believe!  What a drop – my cold fingers needed gloves on this morning when I started to drive into town but I admit they came off after I warmed up quickly in about 5 minutes with the heat on Smile  I totally forgot I had heated seats until just this moment when I typed this – I haven’t used them in forever and never had them on the old car – they sure felt good last winter even here in our more mild winters compared to y’all in the north.

Well I better get to work!  I have spent a lot of time lately reading and working on this border and not much else – I must get back to work on Joseph’s Coat as soon as I get this border completely glue basted in place and start the applique process.  Seeing as I tend to applique fast maybe I can still get these two quilts done at just about the same time and as I take Joseph’s Coat off of the frame I will be ready to put the Bow Tie quilt on the frame – I have the wide back washed and ready to press, and I have the batting as well.

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  • Marianne Oct 26, 2012

    I love your plan for applique – very whimsical! I would NOT do a hexie quilt if you paid me. But they ARE pretty!

  • Mary L Oct 26, 2012

    I just love quilts with piecing and applique combined. I really need to make one like this one day. It’s going to be gorgeous!
    Mary L recently posted…Quilt ShowMy Profile

  • Gina Oct 26, 2012

    I like the appliquéd hexies!

  • Barbara Oct 26, 2012

    I love your bow-tie quilt! Now I have yet another quilt on my “to do someday” list. I can’t wait to see how you quilt it.

  • Valerie Oct 26, 2012

    What a gorgeous quilt – I’ve not caught the hexi bug as of yet…but you’re tempting me… 😉
    Valerie recently posted…Happy FridayMy Profile

  • Vivian Oct 26, 2012

    I really like how your applique looks. I think you have the perfect balance of flowers.
    Vivian recently posted…Sometimes it’s the little thingsMy Profile

  • Penny Oct 26, 2012

    Karen, that applique looks wonderful with this quilt. It is handy to have a big floor area to lay a quilt out. I made a large hexi caddy/pin cushion, and need to finish the medium and small to make a set for my daughter. I have enjoyed it but am not drawn to make more.

  • Sue Oct 27, 2012

    The bow tie quilt is amazing. Hexis have a habit of sneaking up on us and wriggling under our skin! They are very addictive! The brownie recipe in your last post sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing. I will be trying it soon…..with the air conditioning on! It is starting to warm up here. Heated car seats are totally alien! lolol

  • Doreen Oct 28, 2012

    I am totally in love with that quilt! There’s just something about it that so appeals to me and the hexie appliques are so perfect!! Love that the corners are different and I like your ‘take’ on the applique better than the book!!!! Chilly, but sunny, here! The seasons are changing but not anything like the East coast ppl are dealing with……prayers for them all!!! Hugs, D
    Doreen recently posted…A Friday (almost) Finish……My Profile

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