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So many of you have placed interest in seeing more of the inside of our home on wheels.  I went outside and took some photos yesterday afternoon and will give you a tour.  Edited:  keep in mind this is intentionally for 2 people to use and is a good size for two people who spend most of their time when camping hiking and outside a lot.  It is too small to live in full time or for more than two people – we do not have pets.

The motorhome is 24 feet 8 inches long and stands about 10 feet 8 inches tall if I am remembering right.  There are no slide outs to add more in area inside in width.  It is a 2008 Navion IQ – from Winnebago – they no longer make the model that we have.  Edited:  I should have added that the motorhome has a diesel engine and a generator (really comes in handy when you camp at an area with no electric hookups)


We have an awning on this side to pull out for shade and usually park our camp chairs out here on this side and we have a fold out table for in between the chairs.


Open the door and the first thing you see is the  bathroom door.


Step on up inside – the bed is at the back – this used to be a extra large dinette area but we felt the need to upgrade to a good mattress instead and have this area now permanently made up as a bed and do not use it as a dinette.  At our ages (60) we feel the need more for a good mattress than the futon style that was here!   I made this log cabin quilt about 7 or 8 years ago  by hand when we were camping using a tent and/or cabins – the top was made on the road and the quilting when we got home.  It is a queen size quilt.  We have 4 little shelves in the corners of the bed – two on each side.  I do not use them much for anything as you have to put everything away when you are on the road.  Occasionally I will use them for little things.


We have a stereo and dvd player in this cabinet and below it a tv that swivels away from the wall and pulls out about a foot – you can have it aimed at the bed or at the living area.  We started to talk this last trip of possibly removing the tv as we rarely watch it when we travel.  The area the tv is in now could be used for the kitchen better – a paper towel holder under the cabinet and spice shelves ect on the wall among other ideas that will come up I am sure.  We have two long thin storage boxes under the bed that we use for packing extra clothing and things.


the small stove top and the sink – big enough for cleaning up – I mainly try to make one dish meals and cook outside when I can.  The microwave is above and I use it when I don’t have room on the stove top.  I do not care for this microwave as it is so much slower cooking than the model I have at home.


Microwave and a cabinet  that I use for food.  This is above the stovetop and the sink.


The kitchen cabinets – with the lids down on the stove and sink it gives room to prepare the meal.


The kitchen galley is narrow – turn and you can open the refrigerator – it is an ok size for two people and has a small freezer as well.


We took the shower door out – it was such a narrow space – Mike put in a curved shower rod instead and we got an long shower curtain to make sure it would hang inside properly.  We have a cord at the lower area to hold it open when we travel if it is pulled all the way around it is in the way for when you need to use the facilities because it sticks out from the curve.  Propped up in back of the toilet is a dust mop for the floors.  there aren’t many spaces for things like that so I stick them where I can.  The laundry hamper goes in the shower most of the time as there just isn’t any place else to put it.  I have two collapsible kind, if one fills up before we find a place to wash clothes it gets put in the car and we start to fill up a second one.


The other side of the bathroom – Mike made that smaller cabinet above the sink for more storage space. Laundry supplies are stored on the floor in the corner by the toilet.


the living area when we travel.  Seats face the front.  And yes we do have a big sky light – if we are traveling in the summer and it is sunny and hot we have a reflector shield that goes over it to try to block out some of the heat.  It also has a pull down shade on it but it is light colored and doesn’t reflect the sun that much.


The Living area when we are parked at the campground.  The seats swivel to face the inside of the home and the tables – one slides out from the drawers and the other is against the wall when not in use and is a nice size for hand sewing 🙂


A dresser set – Mike wants to do something different with these cords – they tend to get in the way – so many things now to charge! phones, kindles, computers ect.


A charging station here above the drivers’ seat but he wants to tuck those cords in a different way and will explore options.   He also stores his camera up there, his hat, wallet ect – all that man stuff Smile besides some more of the towels.


This cubby hole is above the passenger seat – I stick more of the bathroom towels up there and on the little ledge goes my purse.  My kindle, camera, and whatever goes above the visor which has a good small storage area as well.


The closet


The closet redesigned – it had two rods for hanging clothes – we think one rod is plenty and Mike made shelves and we have 3 plastic boxes that get strapped down and we can store folded t-shirts and other clothing in there and made better use of the space for us.


If we keep the tv we might move it over here or get a smaller one and mount it on the wall in the same fashion as it is now – closer to the chairs — we do not watch tv in bed.  Once in awhile I might watch a movie on dvd that Mike has no interest in and I can always recline on the bed with my hand stitching and watch it off of my computer.


So that concludes the tour – I put way more photos up than you probably wanted!

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  • Doreen Oct 10, 2012

    Thanks so much that was great. Will show these to DH and see what his eval is. Will post a tour of our little abode soon (before we pack it up for the winter!). Creativity is what is needed in these little homes on wheels!! Love the quilt!!!!!!
    Doreen recently posted…Friday finish…..for Tuesday…….My Profile

  • Ruth Oct 10, 2012

    We keep looking at motor homes, but can’t decide if we want one. They just fascinate us. Thanks for the tour and the remodel. such fun.
    Ruth recently posted…Design Wall MondayMy Profile

  • Charlotte Oct 10, 2012

    With a “home away from home” like this, I might actually enjoy a trip!
    Charlotte recently posted…Wordless Wednesday ??My Profile

  • Wendy Oct 10, 2012

    I loved your tour, we camp in a Motor home as well and I love it! Travelling in it is wonderful, much preferable to me than hotel rooms and restaurants!

  • Debbie in Alaska Oct 11, 2012

    You are right…your motor home is too small for big dogs…but you definitely point out some big benefits to a smaller RV!
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…In TransitionMy Profile

  • Karen L. Oct 11, 2012

    Just catching up on your latest posts but I am a bit behind. Thanks so much for the tour. I remember you posting photos of the RV before but did not remember all the details. It seems to be the perfect size for two people and it seems that you have taken advantage of every square inch to store things. Seriously, what a great way to travel …. not too much and not too little. (PS: I have a rug similar to you squares on squares rug.)

  • Marsha Cooper Jul 31, 2014

    Love it love it!
    It looks like just the size I’ve been talking to hubby about wanting.
    Thanks for telling me about the post so I could come over and dream some more.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday 7/30/14My Profile

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