The Triangle Quilt


Sunday night I got some fabric out to start trying to figure out how to finish off the Triangle quilt.  I had no pieces left over from the jelly roll that was used in it.  I looked over at the shelves to see what was up there.  The quilt top has a lot of lime green – none on the shelf, pinkish color – not the right shades, navy blue – no navy blue, reds, blues no yellowish/green – nothing seemed to go with it right.  I finally got some shades down and started to lay things out.


I always play around with it a little bit when I am trying to decide on a “finish this quilt top off” kind of border.  I do not want much of a border, I just want to frame it off a little bit.  I intend on maybe an inch for each color.


Swapped them out – no I don’t like that print next to the colors


What about these?  The black separates the prints from more color – after looking at this one I thought maybe – black – the red – then black again (for the binding – that makes it look like one more border but it really isn’t) – that one might work out.  The red pulls the other reds out of the quilt making you notice them more I think.


Or how about this one – the red and then the black?


I’ll look at it again later – no rush!!  Plenty to work on here Smile

I am writing this on Sunday night and will have it scheduled for Tuesday morning as I already have a post ready for Monday – maybe by Tuesday I will have completed it and will have a finished photo to add at the end of this post!

EDITED ( Monday night):

Well I didn’t do any sewing on Monday but I did decide on what I was going to do with the border – I have the fabric cut in strips but did no sewing at all – what was wrong with me!  I don’t know I slept later than normal – 7:45 and felt tired all day – I didn’t really even sleep all that late, it just felt like it Smile  I normally am up between 6:30 and 7 just because I do, no alarm – just me.

I will get this sewed today-Tuesday – maybe!  the second black strip that is laying out there will actually be the binding – I just laid it to see what it would look like.  The first strip will be an inch and the second strip the red might be an inch or I might cut it down to be a 1/2 inch.


I have had quite a few questions about our motorhome and what does it look like inside.  I did a post on it shortly after we got it but I don’t know where in the blog it is – I will take some new photos this week and do an update on what it looks like inside.

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  • Debbie in Alaska Oct 9, 2012

    I am interested in those photos of your RV too. My husband’s mind is always on the next adventure. I happened to mention a few years ago I thought doing some RVing for a few years would be great. We could take our new dogs with us and see all our friends who live in much warmer places in the winter. I really didn’t think he would like that idea but turns out he does. So…even though we’ve got five years to live in Paris…he is starting to look at RVs!

  • Jessica Oct 9, 2012

    That’s really pretty!

  • Lauren aka Giddy99 Oct 9, 2012

    Love the triangle quilt!

  • Astrid Oct 9, 2012

    Love your quilt and I totally agree to the border!

  • Nedra Oct 10, 2012

    I REALLY like your Triangle quilt, Karen! This just went on my (eternally long) to do list.

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