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I mentioned last week that I lost one of my little stick on thimbles that I use for applique and quilting at the hoop.  I ordered another one and at the same time I ordered a little case to keep all the supplies in.   The package with the thimble case includes a metal stick on for the finger on the underside of the quilt as well.  I have one of those someplace and didn’t care for it much as it is kind of big in my opinion and I just don’t like anything on my under finger for some reason – actually the other one is too – I have thin fingers.


One thing interesting that I noticed is that as so many things – ice cream in smaller containers, a little less pasta in the box ect.  The package included the leather stick on thimbles as well – I have some from a previous order some time back and I noticed immediately that the new ones are thinner!  The older one is on the left the new one on the right! look how much thinner it is.


Everything fits inside it and I can put this in whatever sewing box that I am using for the various projects I work on.


I did notice that there are two smooth “button’s” on the case – I wonder if you are supposed to stick your thimbles on these?  I tried one that I had a sticky back on and it does fit – I wonder though if it is possible it could fall off and then I would loose it again!


This tree by the house has turned colors overnight it seems – it is right on track though if not a couple weeks later than normal – this tree sheds fast when it is ready.


Several small thinner trees turned yellow last week, it is windy today so I image a lot of leaves will be falling.


More far from the yard with the reddish color leaves in the foreground from the dogwood tree – it isn’t quite as read as it normally is.


I will finish the binding on the triangle quilt and will have that to show tomorrow.

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  • Karen L. Oct 22, 2012

    Hey Karen, I have that same thimble pack except that I cannot figure out where I put it. I bought it some years ago and used it quite a lot originally. Then started machine quilting so did not need it. Now when I want it, I cannot find it!!! I hate when that happens. Well, it’s in my sewing room somewhere. Since I will be moving in the next few months, maybe it will show itself as I clean out drawers and such. Looking forward to your showing of the triangle quilt (Pike’s Peaks, lol) tomorrow. That is a great quilt for using up scrapes.

  • Doreen Oct 23, 2012

    So very interesting how things/products change over the years…..and mostly not for the better (if there is a cheaper way!). When I hand quilted I could never use finger protectors of any sort and, therefore, was limited in the length of time I could spend but the callouses were quite dense on my left hand/finger (under the quilt) so wasn’t too bad. Used my fingernail on my right finger (middle) to rock the needle to produce the stitches. Actually worked quite well! The trees here are pretty empty now. Almost November-ish! Ugh!
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  • Kim Oct 23, 2012

    Ok I see now what they are lol. I will look in Houston.
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