X Marks the Spot


Quilting on X Marks the Spot has gotten all of the X’s quilted and I am now on to the border.  I went and lost one of my metal fingertip thimbles (stick on’s) and so I need to order another for back up.  Looked all over the place for it and can’t find it.  Good thing I still have some of the leather stick on thimbles as for the border I take it off of the hoop and lay it over my knees and with my left hand holding on to the border and a stick on thimble on my right hand thumb and middle finger I get the quilting done.  I can actually quilt faster this way but find it harder to do more than the borders this way – maybe I need to practice one this winter when I don’t mind so much quilt draped over me.  I find it much harder to quilt with my paddle thimble when I am working on a border this way and that is why I switch to the stick on thimbles.




The back.  I mentioned that I am not over loading this quilt with quilting and you can see that better on the back but there is still plenty of quilting in it to hold it all together.  This one should quilt up nicely.



On Friday a little more progress made on Joseph’s Coat. Here is one section I worked on that day – to the left more was done.


I think I need to stick with Hand Quilting but occasionally try machine quilting – I might need to stick with what I do best Smile

Now as far as the Pyramid Quilt goes – I machine quilted on Wed, Thur., & Friday.   I am not pleased with it,   I can see where perfect piecing comes into play when quilting with straight lines – I am not a perfect piecer and I could tell that with this quilt!  I know we are all our own worst critic and I am very critical of this.  I can do a straight line much easier by hand than machine!!!  One reason for the un-straight lines is that the points of many of the triangles were off a little bit so some of the lines are almost in the ditch and others are not making the lines uneven.


The back – as you can see right now is shows the quilting in triangle shapes.  I don’t know how much more quilting I will do with this.   The good thing is this quilt didn’t cost much to make.  The white fabric and the backing fabric are from a sale that another quilter had getting rid of fabric from a quilter that had died this past winter – a massive stash had to be dealt with and all was a dollar a yard.  The jelly roll I got on half price and the batting was from a 40% hobby lobby coupon – total for this quilt that measures 55 x 65  was $30.00


I wasn’t going to show more photos of the seams not matching but then thought well maybe it can help someone else realize why perfect piecing matters.  So for those of you in the home machine quilting world – should I go ahead and do straight lines all the way across the pieced strips going through the whites and all the way across?  It seems like it needs more quilting as the triangles look like of big on the back especially.  I do not know how to free motion – I tried it on some scrap sandwiches and they turned out really bad – stitches all kinds of sizes and kind of loopy in places on the back.  I’m not going to waste a lot of time on this quilt as I have others I like much more.




If I try machine piecing again for straight lines I will make sure the quilt is done with that in mind from the very beginning and try to really piece accurately.  I think baby quilts would be better than couch size to practice this on!!

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  • Doreen Oct 14, 2012

    Looks to me like the quilting is turning out just fine! Ignore those points!!!! That is one sharp quilt! We are truly our own worst critics and have to stop that! If you can’t see it from a speeding train then it doesn’t matter! A dear friend of mine always made that comment when another would get critical of their project…hehe!
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  • Janet Oct 14, 2012

    You’re too hard on yourself, Karen – it’s beautiful. Once it’s washed up no one but you will know, and even you will have trouble finding the mistakes.

  • Vera Oct 14, 2012

    Your quilting is beautiful, both ways! I’m currently in the process of machine quilting a queen size hand- cross- stitched quilt for a customer, my hardest project ever…sometimes I wonder “what was I thinking”.

  • Sandy Oct 14, 2012

    I agree with Doreen and Janet 100%.

  • Catherine Oct 14, 2012

    Hi Karen,
    I also agree with Doreen and Janet. It’s a nice quilt and your quilting stitches are beautiful….very neat and small. Don’t be hard on yourself.


  • Judi Oct 14, 2012

    I agree with everyone else. Your quilt is beautiful, and once you wash it, you’ll never see those tiny problems 🙂 I wouldn’t add any more quilting to it if it was mine. It’s not a quilt you love anyway, so why not just finish it off and be done?
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  • Karen L. Oct 14, 2012

    Your X quilt is looking great! You certainly are an expert hand quilter and it show in that quilt. As for the triangle quilt, I also think you are too hard on yourself and as others said (and you have said in the past), once it is washed, you won’t notice any areas that you thought were a problem when you were working up close on them. I personally think it could use more quilting but that is just my opinion and not meant to make you do more if you like what you have. I think I would quilt straight lines diagonally across from the point of one triangle diagonally to the middle of it’s straight side then across the straight side of it’s neighbor toward the point of that same neighbor triangle and so on. Not sure if this makes sense in writing nor do you actually need to do it but you did ask!!! lol

  • Karen Oct 14, 2012

    thank you everyone for your kind praise on the pyramid quilt! you are all being generous 🙂 I am going to put more quilting in it and as it is straight lines going across the patched triangles and over the white ones it shouldn’t take a real long time to get it done. I will work on it this coming week along with the two hand quilting quilts.

  • Penny Oct 14, 2012

    Karen, it looks fine! If you are interested Kate at In Stitches an Australian blog has been quilting straight lines on ‘Hopscotch’, though she has found it a trial it is looking very good.


  • Astrid Oct 14, 2012

    Karen, I do machine quilting only (no hand quilting). Personally I prefer to do FMQ, because I find straight stitching a bit difficult to do. It takes much more time and I’m never satisfied – lol. I can never do a straight stitch without marking it first! Indeed we are our own worst critics and I can spend hours unpick if not satisfied. On your quilt, I had chosen stitching-in-the-ditch, because then the uneven points had not been that visible. If you feel for more quilting inside the triangles, I had marked on the white triangles so that the lines match the seams in the colored triangles and then sewn (quilted) all across the quilt.
    Your hand quilting is perfect, that is what you know the best. It’s all about practising! You should have seen my first attempt FMQ – lol!
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  • Quilter Kathy Oct 14, 2012

    Love the photos of your hand quilting!
    I just bought the stick on thimbles and can’t wait to try them out!
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