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Finally I can truly say I am making progress on the binding for Joseph’s Coat.   After a very slow start to get this quilt finished I worked on binding for several hours yesterday.  I have 1 1/2 sides of the binding completed.  I do like the look of the black with all these colors.  Here it is on the floor after I completed one side and I got it down to the floor to re-fold it to start working on another side.


Gentle dips and curves on the top and bottom of the quilt – the deeper curves are on the sides of the quilt.


I have been quilting on the Bow Tie quilt as well.  I have not made a lot of progress on this one though.  I have been trying to decide how I will quilt all the sections and when I do this with no set plan in motion it takes awhile.  I will draw one thing out then decide no I don’t like it and get the water out to wash out the blue lines and need to wait for it to dry before I try again.  What I have drawn out on the large bow ties and I have two of the quilted is how they will be.  The area I am undecided on still is the big white area that is next to the smaller bowties.  I’m not sure what I am doing there.  These lines might get washed out as well.


Now as far as the Christmas Tree is concerned.  I have had quite a few people tell me my iron was too hot and that is why the pieces are not sticking to the background.  I for some reason thought it said to use a hot iron and I went back to read the instructions after the comments and find that it was to be at silk setting which was 2 settings cooler than what I had.  About half of the pieces stuck in place really well though at hot setting.  I also had a comment from someone who said I didn’t have my pieces close enough together – this is the layout that was in the pattern and that is what I am going by.  I wouldn’t even think of starting over again as that is what I would need to do because half of the pieces are stuck down really well and I already have all the red pieces stitched down and about 1/3 of the green – if I really thought I would have to start over again I would just toss it in the trash – I am not a perfectionist!  I will remember in the future though to re-check the setting on the iron – fusible though is not something I intend to use often as normally I needle turn applique.


Have a great day everyone!

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  • Debra Nov 15, 2012

    Karen you Joseph quilt is lovely and the binding job is also beautiful. I really like your little Christmas tree. can’t wait to see it finished.
    Debra recently posted…Home and feeling greatMy Profile

  • carolyn Nov 15, 2012

    Karen, it’s turning out beautiful, the black binding was a perfect choice! On the bow time quilt, have you considered some feathers in the white space? They might fill the space a little more if that’s what you want. Just a thought…
    carolyn recently posted…The Short List…My Profile

  • Sarah DiDomizio Nov 15, 2012

    Karen, the black binding looks great! It definitely helps show off the bright colors of the batiks in the quilt. For the white space on the Bow Tie quilt, maybe you could do something with swirls or something similar to “McTavishing”. Something with some curves may bring some movement to the quilt in those areas. You could also do something where instead of just straight lines, you could make them slightly wavy to “lead” the eye across the quilt.
    Sarah DiDomizio recently posted…Make-A-List TuesdayMy Profile

  • Pat Nov 15, 2012

    Karen, I just wanted to say the Christmas tree looks great to me. It has inspired me enough that I bought the pattern. I plan on picking up some Xmas fabric and doing it up as gifts for 2013. DIL does everything in pastels…how do you think a pastels version would look?


  • Vivian Nov 15, 2012

    The black binding is perfect for the quilt. I normally end up with some black in almost every quilt I make.

    Love the Christmas tree as it is. Keep with it.
    Vivian recently posted…Perfect weatherMy Profile

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