I think I have finally settled on what designs I am quilting on the Bow Tie quilt.  It took awhile as it does sometimes.  I don’t want to over do it on the quilting.  I want to keep it simple yet there are some fairly good size areas to work with.  I had already been using this larger stencil for some of the spots – I was using half of it in some places and the whole thing in others(although those had not been quilted yet) then when I was looking through my container of stencils (a cardboard box folded in half and taped down to hold them flat) I found a smaller version of the same stencil.  That will work also.


The smaller stencil will be turned a little bit and then it fits in the areas you see below.  The larger stencil I will use in various ways – the whole thing, a half, and three quarters.  There will be outline quilting 1/4 of an inch inside of pieces and on the large bow ties another half inch inside from that 1/4 line also.  I don’t know if you can see how I did it on the large pink color tie but it is there.  I used my blue wash out pen to draw some out right now so I would see how it looks but from now on I will just draw them as I need them and then most likely wash them out as I get done with the quilting each day – makes for nicer photos Smile


Quilting group had been cancelled the last two Friday mornings – I have lost track – I think it was the last two.  Should be held today- I will go and see and work on my binding – only one side of Joseph’s Coat is left to do!!  I know we don’t meet the Friday after Thanksgiving and then it seems like it is not real regular in meeting until after Christmas as people are off doing other things.  I will try to get a good photo of JC – but one side is left to do so it won’t be completed – I also want to get a photo after it is washed and dried.

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  1. That quilting is looking great! How nice that you have the stencil in two sizes! My goal this next year is to invest in a few more stencils. The Josephs Coat is going to look amazing with the black binding. Can’t wait to see a picture of it finished.
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  2. that pattern looks great on the Bow Tie quilt! I just pulled out some of my stencils also trying to determine what to stencil on the last Christmas quilt gift – this one has 9 embroidered squares (Natalie Lymer Truely Scrumptious pattern) so not sure what I will do in those squares – she showed a stippled pattern but I may not do that. we will see! I have to be finished by Christmas!!!!!

  3. Karen, that pattern works perfectly! The quilting is going to be beautiful!

  4. Nice to have options! Great ideas for your quilting. It’s going to look beautiful.

  5. Love the quilting designs on this one … perfect!

  6. Karen, love your choice of patterns for the Bow-Tie. Also looking forward to photos of Joseph Coat, the black looks good with the batiks.

  7. I really like the stencil you have chosen…I was very boring with my bowtie quilt…just outline quilting.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)
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