Bow Tie Medallion


I have been not so steadily plugging away at the hand quilting on the Bow Tie Medallion.  I think I put in so much time on the Joseph’s Coat quilt in October that I got tired of quilting!  I have a feeling that the rest of this year I will not get a lot of work done on this quilt – it certainly will not be moving as quickly as some of them do.  One problem I am having is that the backing fabric seems to be “tough”.  It is not a batik.  I did not pre-wash it as I had a problem with the original fabric I was going to use – when I prewashed it, it shrank.  I didn’t want that problem once again so with this one – now I will pay for it by bending needles and changing needles constantly and generally not feel like quilting it!  I will finish it of course – just not quickly.

These sections have gotten quilted in the last week and a half about:





This much left to work on before I can give it a couple cranks down and get to new sections.  I will have to try to stick to it – I do not want this quilt to take 10 months to quilt like I have done in the past.  It felt so good this year to get two queen size quilts done on the frame and I would love to get this one done by spring and get another one out of the stack to put on here.


Yesterday for a short while I got the Common Bride quilt out of the basket and the fabric that I had collected up this fall for it.  I’m looking through sorting and deciding colors for the 24 star blocks that go around this inner medallion.  I would like to get started on making them this week.  It will be a nice change now and then from getting the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses put in place in their rows.


Did any of you venture out for Black Friday shopping here in the states?  I don’t – I can’t stand shopping in crowds and there is nothing I want that badly that I will go shopping on Thanksgiving night or 5 AM or whatever times the stores open.  I have never, ever shopped on Black Friday!  I do admit to sitting at the computer though on Friday and finding some good deals and even ordered a few things – that is the way I tend to do most of my shopping.

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  • Kim Nov 25, 2012

    What pretty fabrics! I understand the difficult material making quilting not so fun. I have different backgrounds on each of the Spring Bouquet blocks. A couple of them have a design that almost feels like you are stitching through paint when the needle tries to go through. Was tough on fingers to applique and I imagine will be for hand quilting too.
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  • Pip Nov 25, 2012

    Much more relaxing shopping via computer than struggling with crowds, I can’t see the point in getting up that early for a so-called bargain.

    I love how you are quilting the Bow Tie, stick with it and try and do some each day – even though it is a pain 🙂
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  • Doreen Nov 25, 2012

    Breathtaking bowtie quilt!!! Your stitching is awesome! No Black Friday shopping for me, either. Shopping of any kind (other than fabric) is a drudge and is avoided if not totally necessary. On-line is done but very little there, too!!! Off to church then to the piano to practice up on Christmas music for several upcoming event concerts. Sewed all day yesterday and day before;-} Santa’s workshop is in full swing!! LOL! Hugs, D
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  • Debbie Nov 25, 2012

    We did shop on Friday…at the Paris IKEA. We left our apartment at 10 a.m. and didn’t get home until 2:30 p.m. It was our first ever IKEA experience…very fun! I wish I had taken my camera…I had no idea we would make such a day of it.
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  • glen in louisiana Nov 25, 2012

    We went to Target and Walmart and Lowe’s, but encountered no crowds. I guess we hit them mid morning. Went home, let the dogs out and went ot lunch….no crowds…..

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  • Teresa Nov 25, 2012

    I’ve just started following your blog and I was wondering why you remove your drawn lines as they are quilted? Why not quilt the whole quilt then remove the drawn lines? Your quilting is beautiful. I guess it’s easier to see the hand quilting in the pictures without the drawn lines. It just looks like you have to redraw your lines sometimes when you remove some of the lines before you are finished. Just curious.

  • Karen Nov 25, 2012

    I remove the lines simply so I can see the quilting better for a photo. The lines are quickly drawn back on if the design is simple. If the design is not simple I don’t wash them out. this first part I put all the design on so I could make sure it would fit right, from now on it will be put on block to block as I go.

  • Penny Nov 25, 2012

    Karen, your quilting shows up beautifully on the white! It is a shame the backing fabric is difficult to quilt through to spoil the journey. Pip’s comment on a little each day might be easier on your fingers. Time to clean up from the weekend. Now youngest son’s two birthday meals are over that is it for birthdays to the 30th December for second youngest son’s 21st, unless we have a twelve hour drive to see DH Mother for her birthday on the 8th. Also, your Christmas quilt looks lovely..

  • audrey Nov 25, 2012

    What quilting you do have done looks wonderful!

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Nov 25, 2012

    No shopping for me, either. There is nothing in this world that I’d need to venture out at midnight or 5 a.m. to purchase. I have bought the few Christmas gifts that needed purchasing while visiting with daughters in MO and KS for two weeks. The rest are handmade by me and I’m working on those now and I have plenty of time to finish them.

    I’ve been in a quilting slump, too, so I started cleaning the studio. Now I’m just dying to quilt and can’t until I finish putting things away… LOL.

    I like the geometric/ curved leaf combo you are using on the bow tie quilt.

  • Elaine Nov 26, 2012

    what beautiful hand quilting! I am enjoying watching your progress with this.

  • Your quilting is beautiful! I’m sorry to hear the backing fabric is a pain to quilt through – maybe a little bit a few times a day would make it easier? (I’m thinking of like five/ten minutes each time you make a hot drink or similar – I find tying it to another activity helps rather than thinking ‘I haven’t done my half hour today, must go and do it but I don’t want to!’) I hope you found some good bargains online rather than facing the crowds!
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