I woke up early yesterday and the moon was still up and I got this shot through the window by the computer.  Through the screen but I thought it was nice looking.


On my shopping trip yesterday I only picked up a couple things at JoAnn’s I was tempted to get more but I controlled myself.  Blades were 50% off! so I got a package of 5.


Last night I got some more quilting done – some of this had been done two days before, I didn’t get all of this last night.



Today is quilt group in the morning and Mike is taking the day off so after I get home we are going to go to a movie – haven’t been to one in awhile!

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  1. Sounds like you did just fine on your little city trip! That basting tape comes in handy so many times for those little odd tasks! I was up early yesterday, also, (5:15) and noticed that same thing!! The photo through the screen just adds to the ethereal quality of the setting!!! Your quilting pattern is so lovely. Is the perfect counterpoint for the piecing! Am so enjoying you quilting journey!! Blessings, D
    Doreen recently posted…Can you tell……..My Profile

  2. That quilt is gonna be gorgeous!
    Kim recently posted…5 Done, 4 to go!My Profile

  3. looking good so far!!
    (looks like you missed a line in your quilting. looking at the first picture you posted of your quilt, there is a part of it missing…. not sure how to explain.) just look at it. in the area of the big white part close to the big blue bowtie that is already quilted and rolled down. does that make sense????

  4. Karen, the quilting looks great so far! Seeing how you do your hand-quilting sometimes makes me want to try it. I’m currently trying my hand a little needle-turn applique. I did it once a few years ago, but haven’t tried it since. I’m “cheating” a bit right now to get the feel of it again (I used Roxanne’s glue baste to help partially turn under the seam to get started), but as I’m getting the motion of it again the next pieces I plan to do truly as needle-turn. I find it very relaxing to do handwork in the evenings. :-)
    Sarah DiDomizio recently posted…Quilt #8 – Teddy Bear 9-PatchMy Profile

  5. Well a simple quilt with the best hand quilting makes it awesome. Love the border!
    Which movie?

  6. thank you so much Heather for noticing that!! I am going to fix it now before I forget to go back to it.

  7. your quilting is just beautiful.. what batting do you have in this quilt?

  8. Quilters Dream – I think Select loft (mid) but not positive it might have been thinnest – Request loft – I’ll know when I take it off the frame for sure LOL – it will be heavy I can tell by that for sure!

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