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Last nights quilt group was a little different than it usually is.  We were kicked out of the large room we usually meet in at the Senior Center – LOL – ok not literally kicked out – a last minute event for the seniors needed the whole room so we were told at the last minute we could use the back of the building which is very nice too but has smaller rooms – therefore we kind of scattered between two rooms and a hallway.  We didn’t have our normal show and tell where we lay quilts out on the floor in one area that is so large and just right for that purpose.  We were very satisfied to have the space really – we get a really good deal on this meeting place – we pay only $1.00 each to meet there and you only pay if you go.

One of the ladies who had a long arm quilting business for awhile has decided not to do it as a business anymore and had sent out an email to all telling us she was bringing 20 bolts of Bali Water color batiks to sell at $4 a yard!!!  Did I bring money – you bet.  I wasn’t of course planning on more fabric as I have more than I even need from my wins and shopping sprees this year but at $4 who can pass that up if it is colors that you want.  I’m not sure what the price is on Hoffman Bali Batiks right now but I believe it is close to $11 a yard.

I got 10 yards of a very light mottled cream that has hints of blue and yellow in it (very light) and a gun metal blue/gray? 5 yards of that one.  I just wanted colors that I could use for backgrounds with other fabrics that I already have.

People waiting in line while others were meeting in another room next door sitting and chatting, quilting, embroidery work going on as was some knitting.  I can’t believe some people do not want to use batiks and weren’t in the slightest interested in them!!  LOL I know we all have our favorites I have loved Hoffman Bali Watercolor batiks for years and a lot of my quilts have them scattered throughout or the whole quilt is made with them.  Some think because I hand quilt that I wouldn’t use them as a lot of hand quilters think they are hard to quilt through – complete opposite for me – I do not find them hard to quilt through and I love them for applique.  I even use them for backings sometimes so I am quilting through a layer on the front and the back –


Some of us overflowed into another room when the main meeting room that most where in got too crowded – I need a little space sometimes and I was feeling too crowded and hot for sure – cooler in a space with less people – Regina, Cindy and I gathered at this table.  Dee was working on her quilt at the next table and CJ was nearby in the hallway set up cutting and selling her fabric.


These are the two fabric that I got – I need to re-wrap that light color on it’s bolt.  We tried to get it back on the bolt after my share was cut – there was some still left over that someone else had said she wanted if any was left over so I didn’t ask for the whole thing.  I’m going to lay it out on the floor and wrap it tighter on that bolt today.  I will try for another photo later to see if I can get the actually print to show up for you.


One show and tell that I managed to get was when Dee who was working near us spread this one out on the table –she said these were all from panels that she had gotten – I think it was a Moda layout but I’m not sure – she said something about cutting a panel in pieces and then putting it back together this way – I might have misunderstood her though so don’t take my word for it.  Christmas theme 12 days of Christmas.  More show and tell might have been going on in the next room but if so I missed it.


All in all it was a good evening visiting with friends and shopping!

EDITED:  after I got the fabric on the bolts tighter I took some photos – I brought the bolts outside so I could get the true color – I have a laptop and the colors don’t always look right I have to tip the screen this way and that.  I wonder what it looks like on your computer -  the cream as I said earlier has a little bit of blue and yellows in it


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Donna T Nov 2, 2012

    Wow Karen what a score!!!!! I love batiks too and can’t image anyone not wanting any especially for 4.00 a yard!!!!!!

  • Charlotte Nov 2, 2012

    Wonderful to have these on hand. I’ve never quilted batiks but have some for a border.

  • Cathi Nov 2, 2012

    Lucky you! What absolutely gorgeous batiks! I’m with you — I think batiks are wonderful to work with. They are, by far, my preferred fabric.
    Cathi recently posted…Small Hunter’s Star BeginningMy Profile

  • $4 a yard? Wow!
    Archie the wonder dog recently posted…Opinions, please!My Profile

  • Pip Nov 2, 2012

    that is a great price for you. I can see the blue and yellow mottles on the the cream fabric 🙂 they are both really useful colours.
    Pip recently posted…Can you see my halo?My Profile

  • Doreen Nov 2, 2012

    You really ‘scored’. That cream is one of my faves and I always have some on hand!! A price like that is a ‘must purchase’ situation (if one is able, that is!) Here, the prices are around $11.50/yd!!
    Doreen recently posted…“Getting to know you…getting to know all about you…..”My Profile

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