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It was such a cloudy dreary rainy day yesterday.  I barely stepped foot out of the house all day.  We went from 62 degrees Sunday to 32 degrees this morning! The leaves are all falling off of the trees faster and faster now.  You can tell winter is on its way to Arkansas.  I still have plenty of leaves on the trees to say it is fall, but they will be disappearing fast over the next two weeks I am sure.

Seeing as I spent the whole day inside yesterday one would think I would have gotten done with more than I did but I was in a reading mood and would read awhile then watch tv and sew.

I have about 2 1/2 sides of binding on Joseph’s Coat sewed done on the front side – still all that stitching to do on the back side of that, but at least it is getting done.   I pin each curve down and sew and then go on to the next one.


When I get to the peak – the inverted area of the scallop I hold it in one hand kind of spreading it out and take stitches in that area and then go on.  It is hard to get a photo of it.  But you have to do the stitches in a V type of shape – make the V upside down of course.  When it is time to stitch to the back you need to use scissors and trim a little bit to get it to turn.  I am certainly not an expert on scallop binding so do not take my words as instruction – this is just how I do it.


I only worked on this border for a short while yesterday – I had thought to get it done but never got back to it.  Maybe today.


I was looking at blogs yesterday and someone showed this pattern that they were working on – and I had one of those “light bulb” moments – I have that pattern!!!  Where did it go to and when did I get it? last year, the year before?  I found it, I found a roll of fusible that I had stashed away and I just might get to it this week.  This is something I could actually finish before the holidays if I put my mind to it. So a question on fusible as I do not use them much – seeing as this is a wall hanging and most likely would not be washed do the fusible pieces actually have to be stitched down or can you just iron it down and then quilt the wall hanging however you want to do it?  this would be one of those projects seeing as it is small that I could actually practice machine quilting on.  I would not want to do an all over stitch though as I wouldn’t like stitching over the red and green areas but for the back ground area only.  I like to quilt with the design in mind not over it.


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  • paula.thequilter Nov 12, 2012

    Just fuse the pieces on and then use your quilting to secure them. If you don’t plan on washing it this will work.

    Or fuse them on and then straight line stitch them on and then quilt in the background if you are going to wash it. I like this method better because it is just a bit more secure.

  • Deanna Neumann Nov 12, 2012

    I am wondering if you always hand sew the front and the back of your bindings on? I have always put the front on by machine and then hand sew the back. Just wondering if you are hand sewing all because of the scallops?
    It has been raining here (Washington) for a few days now, probably won’t stop until spring.
    Hope your day is great!

  • Wanda Nov 12, 2012

    If you prewash your fabrics before you attach the fusible, the pieces should stay bonded pretty well for a long time without stitching.
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  • Vicki W Nov 12, 2012

    It depends some onthe fusible you are using. WonderUnder, HeatnBond and Steam a Seam are all good permenent bonds and will hold well with your quilting stitches.
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  • Judi Nov 12, 2012

    Have you seen this blog?


    She does her raw edge applique in a way I think looks really cool. She machine stitches a pattern on the background fabric first, then does the fusible over the top of that. Thought you might like the look of that….
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  • Heather Nov 12, 2012

    I would say just stitch along the edges of the fusible applique, and even at that, you can do it free motion, you don’t have to make it perfect. The link to the blog above, the ‘Dontlooknow’ site, thats all she does, and it looks wonderful.
    Plus it wont take a long time, but then you know its going to stay down and you can wash it.

    I know you have mentioned this before, but I don’t recall. What brand it your quilting frame, or is it one that was made?

  • Carolyn Nov 12, 2012

    Yes Karen, you can absolutely fuse then quilt them on. This is how Ryan McKenna of Pine Needles does hers as well. I did her Chickadees quilt years ago and it’s held up beautifully!
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  • Marianne Nov 12, 2012

    That’s quite a nice pattern! I think fusing would be the way to go, though, since even if you had all the time in the world, it would be tough to hand applique. Just fuse, then quilt, either doing straight stitch, buttonhole, or small zig zag on the applique pieces. Should be really cute.

    BTW, I got a “L’il Twister” tool at a quilt show recently and just gave it a whirl today – lots of fun!

  • audrey Nov 12, 2012

    Your binding sounds very challenging. Can’t wait to see the finish!

  • Doreen Nov 12, 2012

    Love that pattern!!! Lots of great suggestions above! Possibilities boil down to personal preferences, as far as the stitching goes! Lovely! Hugs, D
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  • nanci Nov 13, 2012

    Steam a Seam is the lightest fusible that would be good to do the hand sewing. Heat N Bond is quite stiff. I used the latter and wonder if I will even get a long arm quilter to do the stitching.
    Here we are on the Panhandle and the weather has not cooled as the locals say it will. We are having beautiful days, with the rain falling during the nights. How good is that? The seas have been very rough though which means the pelicans fly in formation heading into the wind. Love watching them.
    I love the way you work with the stitches. Lovely hands.

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