Thank you all for the helpful hints on how to do fusible applique.  I’m really not too sure yet how I will do it but I do have all the pieces cut out – after ironing the first one down wrong that is – yes I put it on the front side of the fabric – luckily I realized my mistake immediately and only had to re-do one piece.  This is what it looks like right now – just laying there – I might have to tweak it a little bit still and then I will need to pin all in place before I get it to the ironing board and iron one at a time so I don’t mess it up.

I can’t say as I was really impressed with the directions – and no blow up pattern to go by.  Iron creases in fabric down the middle and then 2 1/2 inches on top, bottom and sides – that was it! Guess work from there and keep looking at the photo.  After I get all ironed in place I will decide if I want to try machine applique or just leave as is because it won’t be washed.  I want to see how well the pieces seem to stay on first.  No rush – I don’t decorate until the beginning of December.  I can’t stand rushing the season – Would you believe Wal-Mart is already playing Christmas music over the intercom and here it is only mid-November.  I’m not sure when they started that I noticed it yesterday when I stopped to do grocery shopping.


And I did manage to finish the first border on the Bow Tie quilt last night – on a roll now!  I spritzed the blue marks out and let it dry overnight – now this morning I will be able to crank it on down and contemplate how to quilt the next areas.


I did not pick up Joseph’s Coat at all yesterday – I guess I better today – no rush – it isn’t like I need the quilt finished this week – I just want to get it done before the end of the year! The longest it will take me to get a binding finished – this one takes the prize for longest time on binding I guess.

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