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Joseph’s Coat, Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses, quilts

I have not started the binding on Joseph’s Coat – I thought I had enough black to do black binding but I don’t.  I really, really do not want to buy more fabric unless I need to.  Then I remembered the batik grayish color I bought at the quilt group meeting last week – more than enough, it isn’t plain black which is what I had intended to use – but it is the same kind of fabric that a lot of this quilt is made up of – Bali Water Color Batiks.  I think it will work out, what do you think? EDITED: (I’m off to Hobby Lobby to get some Kona Cotton Black for the binding – the batik just isn’t grabbing me for this)

Here are some of the many colors in this quilt next to that fabric – I have nothing that is this color in the melons.  But please do not suggest making a multicolor binding 🙂 – good idea but I totally ran out of a lot of the colors used.





The Bow Tie Quilt – I worked twenty minutes here and there yesterday and got this much done.  I take the t-tacks off of the quilt top as I quilt to keep the pins in as little as possible.  It is still held in good with the tacks on the backing/batting.


And I thought until I get Joseph’s Coat completely done I would stick with one other top right now to work on.  I thought I would get busy and put the rest of the blocks together for Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses – I have about 18 blocks or so that are finished.  When I get done with the binding on JC then I will get the Common Bride quilt back out and get busy on that one as well.


Does anyone have this disc with quilt label patterns on it?  I am wondering is there anyway to type in your words and have it completely printed out without having to actually write your information on it?


Here is an example of one of the designs that I printed out on paper – I opened it with Word but I can’t get a text box to open within the empty area in the middle of this – anyone know how to do this?  I do have some color pens that I will use to “color” the design.  I used to have a good program that printed out in color nice little photos and such but it is old and I no longer have it as it no longer worked on the newer computers that I have had in the last 5 years or so.  Normally now I just print out text on treated fabric to use but thought I would play with this a little bit. (no instructions came with it that I saw anywhere – just the clip art).  I have 3 quilts that need labels – I’m usually very slow at getting labels on.


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  • Karen L. Nov 9, 2012

    Your quilts and quilting are looking fantastic!!! I especially like the bow tie one. For labels I prefer to hand write the information on them because it is so much more personal and kind of “warm”, if you know what I mean. But that is just my opinion and I know a lot people prefer to ptrint them.

  • Sarah DiDomizio Nov 9, 2012

    Love the quilts. Do you have enough of a cream/white batik to use for the binding on JC? Most people shy away from light-colored binding, but it may look more appropriate on the quilt to make sure it highlights all the different colors you have in it.

    I typically hand-write my labels or I use the text embroidery function on my machine to stitch the text onto the binding. Then when the binding is folded over, you can read the text all along the side/bottom of the quilt.
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  • Doreen Nov 9, 2012

    Printing the label and filling in with hand writing is the way I’ve done it….as was said, a bit more “personal” feeling (my opinion!). You are certainly moving right along!!!!!!
    Doreen recently posted…Quilters arise!!!!……….My Profile

  • Pat Nov 9, 2012

    For your labels…they are probably copyright protected so that you can’t edit them. But, after you print it take a ruler & figure the margins you would need to use to make text fit into it (top & left side from edge of paper into design on the paper), do your text on blank page with those margins in Word & then run your printed label thru printer again to put the text onto it. Might take a few goes thru the printer on paper to get it figured out but it is doable. It just means two trips thru the printer. I hope this helps.

  • Gina Nov 9, 2012

    Right click on the label in Word. Choose to edit the properties. I don’t know what version of Word you’re running, but you are looking for something that shows text placement. The picture will be a dog with lines going around it or through it. Choose the image of the dog with lines going through it. After you click ok, you will be able to type over the image.
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  • Heather Nov 9, 2012

    Goodness, I can’t believe how soon you got the JC quilt quilted. Its almost seems like it was just a couple of months ago that you started it. It looks really really good.
    Is it possible to show some pic of how you are binding those ‘V’ areas as you go along binding it? if you know what I mean.
    You are such an inspiration to my inner goddess that wants to hand quilt all the time.

  • Nedra Nov 9, 2012

    I’ve never seen a disc for quilt labels. What a great idea!
    So many fun quilty things going on at your house 🙂
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  • Mary L Nov 9, 2012

    I have a HP program for printing quilt labels but you can accomplish the same thing in Word….scan your label from the book and save as a jpeg. Import the image to Word, then create a text box that you can place over the jpeg image.
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  • Penny Nov 9, 2012

    Like Nedra, I have not seen the disk but others have given good advice. As for being slow at adding labels, I am so, so, slow that I have not added one yet, expect for the patchwork Christmas Stockings I made a few years ago for some of the Grandchildren and then I machine embroided the label on the back toe area in gold thread on red which looked really good. The batik you have is nice but I think the black would be more striking for the binding.

  • Miri Nov 10, 2012

    LOL I see you’ve been working while I’ve been sitting around reading books!
    Love those Lucy Boston blocks!
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