Holiday Spirit


Where is my holiday spirit? – it seems like Christmas is coming way too fast and I’m not eventn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt1_jpg thinking about it yet.  Maybe if I start putting my clip art of Victorian Santa’s on my blog I will start to get in the mood?  I have my two Christmas wall hangings up and that is it – have to get to it this weekend.

Maybe it is the weather?  For the past week we have been in the 60’s and low 70’s – kind of hard to feel like it is near Christmas time when it feels like early fall.  I hear on the weather this morning though that by early next week it will get chilly again and maybe that will do the trick.  I grew up in the north so I associate Christmas with cold weather and we almost always had snow by then too.

I do want to thank all of you for the help and suggestions you were giving me about my sewing machine the last couple of days.  At times I feel totally helpless with my machine – no matter what machine that happens to be!!  I am not a machine person – I get totally frustrated when it doesn’t work right.  I wish I had someone peering over my shoulder at times like that and have them say –“ok, move this button or dust that little piece off” ect LOL  wouldn’t that be great to have a little Christmas Elf right next to you all day Smile  I did receive some helpful hints though and I will be checking things out over the next couple of days in between things. I will make an appointment to bring the machine in for a service tune up after the beginning of the year. I just don’t feel like it right now and before Christmas they are probably too busy anyhow.  The sewing machine center is in a nice town that has plenty of shopping places and even a quilt shop near by I hear – I have never been to it so it might be a good time to check it out.  There is another one in the area that I like but it is only open 2 days a week so wouldn’t know until then if I hit the right day to be over there.    I will see if I can arrange for them to do the service and I can pick up all in the same day and save me having to make an additional trip back.

Some times you just feel like you are running crazy with appointments.  I had a stack of them one after another last week and this — won’t be done until tomorrow.  I had an Endoscopy done last week to see what was going on in my esophagus/stomach for heart burn – everything was mainly fine there other than a hiatal hernia which needs no attention right now – just all my (much needed) medication doing a number on my stomach creating too much acid.  Then immediately the next day I had to run to Little Rock for a scheduled checkup with my Rheumatologist – just the normal thing there had been scheduled – this week – follow up from the Endoscopy yesterday and those guys are so slow  you sit in the waiting room for ever! Today a hair cut in a couple hours then eye doctor check up this afternoon – another slow guy – I will be there for a good two hours – then finally the final appointment tomorrow morning – yearly mammogram.   Then I will need to run back to the eye clinic to pick out new glasses – I know it is going to be late by time he gets done with the eye exam and special test that I have because of some medication I am on – I will pick out glasses after I get done with the mammogram – it is right next door. 

I prefer no appointments!!  Being lazy!!  Not having to look at a clock to make sure I am where I am supposed to be – I hate sitting in waiting rooms!

I did get done with the last section of the Bow Tie Medallion quilt last night on the end of the row and will give it a crank down now this morning  – maybe I can get a little quilting done today – don’t know about the evening – I will be coming home with dilated eyes! might be working with sunglasses on this evening Smile


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  • Debbe Dec 5, 2012

    Beautiful as always. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Debbe recently posted…Test Kitchen Tuesday.My Profile

  • Kim Dec 5, 2012

    Looking wonderful. I hate sitting around waiting for appointments also. And I never know what time it is unless it is Sunday morning or I have an appointment lol.
    Kim recently posted…Blocks 6 and 7 and Slow Stitching Sunday!My Profile

  • Debbie Dec 5, 2012

    I hate taking care of doctor appointments to and I think it’s the waiting part that drives me crazy. Good for you getting all that taken care of now…then you can start the new year without worry about your health!
    Debbie recently posted…Save One For MainzMy Profile

  • Penny Dec 5, 2012

    Dislike appointments also, clock watching to be on time, then sitting around, it is always pleasant when it is over and heading home. We are suppose to be in Summer, and it still feels like Winter, we have even had the heater on two nights this week. As for Christmas, I am still sewing, so no decorating and cooking until that is finished. So enjoy your progress on Bow Tie.

  • Marianne Dec 5, 2012

    Good luck with all those appointments – at least they’ll be done for a while. I still need to make an eye appt. but I hate to go for the same reason as you – can’t see for a few hours do to dilation. No reading or sewing! What’s left to do??

    Have to admit my holiday spirit isn’t there yet either. Guess it will come eventually. I’m agonzing over a few gifts, and once I have those figured out, I’ll be on a more positive track (I hope).

  • Wanda Dec 5, 2012

    I prefer no appointments too. We all had to be on schedules at some point in our life and it is nice to be able to just plan a day the way WE want it. It sounds like there won’t be anything else to have to check after you get done with all of those appointments.
    Wanda recently posted…15 blocks………..My Profile

  • Miri Dec 6, 2012

    My Mom used to say that all she ever seemed to do was go to doctor’s appointments…I’m feeling that way too now-going to the supermarket is like a treat because at least its not another PT or hydrotherapy or doctor!

    Sorry your machine is on the fritz but I know that will barely put a dent in your production! 🙂
    Miri recently posted…Progress on the embroidered mystery quiltMy Profile

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