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tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt41_jpgFirst of all before I get to more of the patterns – we might just have the first time for an accumulation of snow on Christmas Day in 80 years according to the news.  We have sometimes had snow flurries, and sometimes snow already on the ground – but no accumulation I guess.  Now lets wait and see if the forecast delivers!  I always like to get a little bit of snow but I can very much do without the 19.5 inches that our Wisconsin daughter got earlier in the week.

I was surprised to find out that several of the patterns I would like to make in the upcoming year are also choices of others – nice to know some of us like the same patterns and I bet they will all look different in the end!

For the Sedona Star pattern this is the color combination I want – I do have more bundles of this kind of fabric that I got on sale some place – I don’t remember where in internet land. The white in a lot of the areas that are the lighter blue- the squares with the Mariners compass type of blocks and then again in the odd shape areas where applique blocks connect in at where the circle is very much formed.  Also the corner areas where the applique is before the final border.


For the William Morris in applique – this is the fabric chosen – I might always change my mind once I get going if a color doesn’t seem right for it – I have a lot of batik fat quarters here and there to blend in as well — quite a few purples/yellow/greens.  For instance the lightest colors in these bundles most likely won’t be used.  I’ll dig out more colors of fabric for this quilt when I am ready to start work on it to show you.   This quilt is a large wall hanging size I think being about 65 inch square if I remember right.    I do like to trade out the wall hanging in the living room now and then so this would most likely be a good fit for that wall.


These two quilts above are most likely the two I will start on next.

For other projects I am not sure yet about color schemes – scrappy for most blended in with bundles that I have.  I would still like to do a brown/cream log cabin – I have the fabric for it but I don’t know what size it will be.

I still plan on bringing my sewing machine in to the sewing center in Fort Smith sometime after the New Year so I doubt I will start anything until after I get it fixed.  I also have to fool with the tension on the Featherweight as that doesn’t seem to be quite right either!  I have never been good with tensions.

The Square in a Square quilt has been sitting silently on the couch waiting for me to pick it up again and continue with the quilting – I had been doing pretty good at it for awhile and then got side tracked with Patchwork of the Crosses and quilting on the Bow Tie quilt – I will pick it up again soon and get back to it but I want to get the 5th row attached to the POTC first – I got started on it Friday night but have been to busy with outside stuff on Saturday to get back to it.  Mike is home through Christmas having a 4 day weekend and we are trying to get done with some stuff outside.

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  • Astrid Dec 23, 2012

    Nice fabrics for those two projects. I also tend to change colors if I feel they don’t go right together. I have several quilt tops done recently that I want to finish next year, but there is one quilt I want to make for our oldest nephew. Don’t have a clue on the pattern, but most probably the center piece will be mariner’s compass… Still planning it in my head! 🙂 Wish we had some cooler weather here… we have about 86-87F and very humid these days. The worst; meteo has predicted a hotter summer compared to last season, which means it can go up to middle 90’s or higher… 🙁
    Enjoy a white Christmas – if your meteo is right! 🙂
    Astrid recently posted…Small projects before ChristmasMy Profile

  • Kim Dec 23, 2012

    I love the fabrics you chose. They will be great in those quilts. Have a very Merry Chirstmas! I won’t be on much between now and Wednesday. Lots of cooking to do, and then Wednesday oldest grandson has surgery on his tongue. But after New Years I plan to hit the ground running again.
    Kim recently posted…Slow Stitching SundayMy Profile

  • Debbie Dec 23, 2012

    Looking forward to seeing both of those quilts get going…but really liking Common Bride!
    Debbie recently posted…Art Museum vs. Christmas ShoppingMy Profile

  • Penny Dec 23, 2012

    2013 looks like it will be an entertaining year! Like Debbie, Common Bride is a favourite here . Hope you and Mike have an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas!

  • glen in louisiana Dec 23, 2012

    Perfect choices!

    Here in Baton Rouge, LA, one year we walked the dogs on Christmas Eve night in snow flakes. By morning we had about an inch on the ground Christmas morning! It was the White Christmas in my life! LOL. And probably will be the last, we get snow about every 10 years for maybe a half an hour.

    glen in louisiana recently posted…Well, The Mayans Were Wrong!My Profile

  • CJ Tinkle Dec 23, 2012

    I like your fabric choices. I hope you make the Sedona Star as it might inspire me to do it as well 🙂

    Here’s hoping for a white Christmas! Hope you and Mike have a wonderful holiday!
    CJ Tinkle recently posted…A historic event!My Profile

  • Vivian Dec 23, 2012

    I really like the Sedona Star and would like to make it one day. The fabric choices will be great, I’m sure.

    Watch out for that Sewing Center in Fort Smith. lol They always temp me with one of the new Janome Horizons. They have the larger throat making machine quilting much easier. But I could get a Voyager 13 mid arm for around the same price. Both will be waiting awhile.

    I would love to see some snow while I am on break and do not have to get out. But I really want it to wait until the kids get back home before it sticks on the roads.
    Vivian recently posted…Wow!My Profile

  • Nedra Dec 23, 2012

    You have some wonderful pattern choices coming up for 2013! It will be fun to watch them take shape.

  • Sartenada Dec 24, 2012

    I want to wish to You and Yours Happy Holidays!

    Old Christmas postcards


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