tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt2_jpgI have fabric picked out for the next little star block for the Common Bride quilt – now I just have to make time to cut them out and arrange the pieces on my little felt board and get busy piecing them.  I’m afraid I am working on too many things again – I have been getting a little bored with one project and going to another – at least I am working on all of them a little at a time!  This is the fabric – I think – when I get started cutting pieces and lining them up on the board I will know for sure if they go right, I might need to substitute one of the light colors for something darker – we will see.


On the Square in a Square quilt I now have 5 out of 42 blocks quilted.  I am sticking with a very easy quilting on this one – just echo the blocks 1/4 inch in.  Working on the 6th block – my eyes weren’t dilated as badly as they can be sometimes and I was able to get busy after supper last night and got almost 3 blocks done – the previous 3 were done the day before – each block takes about 40 minutes or so.


A close up –  because of the color of the blocks and the thread it is going to be hard to see the quilting on this one other than the light color blocks – the back is a busy print so won’t see it there either.


And last but not least I got the sewing machine back out for a little bit yesterday and gave it a very good cleaning, cleaned out the bobbin case and put a light application of oil – with a q-tip and wiped it all out as well.  Now the stitch on the top looks back to normal (I did this with the regular quarter inch foot)  I was trying this out with batting as that is what I had been trying to use the machine for this time –


But the back doesn’t – the threads are not connecting right – tension for sure –  I tried everything I could do – on this machine you only play with the numbers on the dial for the tension – you do nothing with the bobbin so I think they will need to make some adjustments when I get it in after the new year.  I’m done trying!  (the tension was pretty much this same way with just two layers of fabric as well )


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  • Nedra Dec 6, 2012

    When I worked at Superior Threads, Bob used to say it’s either the tension, thread or needle that causes problems with inaccurate stitches. I’m sure you have checked all three, and it’s probably your machine that is off? Are you working with a high quality thread? And change your needle often?

  • Kim Dec 6, 2012

    You are moving right along on the square in a square!
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  • Wanda Dec 6, 2012

    In my days of teaching quilting, I saw many walking feet that just didn’t work well, and created drag instead of moving the fabric. Since you had better luck with the 1/4″ foot it makes me believe that your walking foot isn’t doing the job. Your top tension, larger number tighter the tension. If you do a sewn sample adjusting the number 1 at a time on a sample maybe you can come up wit a good balance. A dealer usually sets the machine so 5 is a balanced tension when they do a tune up.
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  • Cathi Dec 6, 2012

    You sound like me — flitting from one project to the next. The fun part of that is that you sometimes end up with a few finishing very close to the same time. And it does keep you from getting bored! 😉
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  • audrey Dec 6, 2012

    There are many parts of making a quilt that are ‘work’. You’ve had the fun of figuring it out and now it’s just putting in the time. I think that’s why some of us move from project to project a little more than others. We need to keep our enthusiasm up!

  • Penny Dec 6, 2012

    Karen, it would be wonderful if Wanda lived near you, maybe your problems would be solved with the machine. Tension is fiddley, do as Wanda said, one number at a time. Also, when you took out the bobbin case, did you notice a hole on the base/floor of the bobbin compartment with a wicky looking thing in the middle? Just one drop of oil on the wick thing. Sorry, I don’t know the correct names for these parts of a machine. Keep sewing for a while for the oil to do its job.

  • Karen Dec 6, 2012

    yes it would be very nice if Wanda lived near by! Yes I added a tiny drop of oil to the “wicky” thing 🙂 and swabbed the bobbin case out with a little tiny bit of oil on a cotton q-tip swab and wiped it all out as well as I didn’t want too much in it.
    I will look for a new walking when I bring the machine in to have it serviced – I’m sure it needs it – it has been quite awhile since I had it done. I will check out more with the tension tomorrow.

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