tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt16_jpgI got a little more quilting done yesterday on the Bow Tie Quilt  but I’m afraid I was busy doing other things today so I didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked to – but I did get a little house cleaning, shopping, exercise done yesterday.  And I was looking for cookie recipes Smile then out to the shop to look for my cookie tins – I just don’t have room in the house for some things and upstairs in the work shop loft we have shelves of things that I only use once in awhile that I would rather were stored in the house but I don’t have room for!  I found them and noticed a few things on those shelves that I had forgotten I had – isn’t that the way it always goes.

It was so sad yesterday seeing the news of the shooting at the school in Connecticut.  Just senseless violence – it is always so hard to understand how someone can do that kind of thing.  I’m afraid I have to limit the amount of time I watch the news when something like that happens – it is too sad and depressing.

This is what I got done with yesterday – 2 hours of off and on work – 10 minutes here, 20 there – it adds up after awhile.


I know some of these blocks are kind of dark and someone asked how was I quilting the bowties – they couldn’t tell from the photo – here is a close up of one of the large ties – the small ties I am just doing a straight line up the middle – no outline or center blocks  – just a line from one tip to the next – I will take a close up on the next set.  I use a white chalk mechanical pencil for the darker fabric, it has always washed out for me.


I might not be back on here until Monday – we have a birthday party for my mom on Sunday – she will be 88 years old.  While we are out we will try to finish up our Christmas shopping at the malls before we head home seeing as we will be very near to them.  I think they are open late on Sunday this close to Christmas?

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  • Kim Dec 15, 2012

    The bow tie quilt is coming along great. Will be another wonderful finish for you.
    I was at church preparing for our Christmas meal, etc tomorrow when the shooting took place. So very sad. I am like you and have to limit how much of it I watch. It is just overwhelming the evil in the world.
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  • Doreen Dec 15, 2012

    I think that the “need to know immediately” (fostered by the new media?) is serving to be very counter-productive in some ways. Since “bad” news IS news and media spreads info at lightening speed, we are left with an enormous number of people taking in “news” that, maybe, they can’t handle with the intensity that it’s delivered and the result is/can be repetition and catastrophic. I am with you….I very much limit my intake….for my own health (and those in my “sphere of influence”).
    The amount of quilting that you are doing on this quilt is amazing but will make it such a jewel! Happy shopping, baking, etc, and weekend!!! Hugs…….
    Doreen recently posted…Busy, busy………My Profile

  • CJ Tinkle Dec 15, 2012

    I agree with Doreen, media overload. I’m not discounting what happened, that was truly tragic, but we get news so fast and in such volume these days it can be overwhelming. I tune in spurts when it gets too be too much.

    Your quilting is perfection, as always!

    Enjoy your visit with your mom!

  • audrey Dec 15, 2012

    I agree about the overload of bad coverage. Very tough to take after awhile. Thanks for showing your stitching. Your quilt is looking so good and it’s always inspiring to see how others hand quilting projects are coming along.:)

  • Sartenada Dec 16, 2012

    I love Your bow tie quilt. Very beautiful.

    That event in Connecticut is also present in the Finnish press. This morning (Sunday), there were three full pages in our main newspaper of Helsinki. My words of consolation to the relatives of victims.
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  • Sandi McMahill Dec 20, 2012

    Karen….Absolutely the neatest quilt I have seen in a long time. Love it. Did you have a pattern for it? I would love to try and make this if you can lead me in the direction of a pattern. Thx…..Sandi

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