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I decided which pattern to use for the hexies which will be diamond shape and came up with a name for this quilt  – “Diamonds are Forever” (James Bond movie) these diamond shapes do go on forever don’t they?  I decided to use this pattern which used to be a free download from Connecting Threads but I just went there to link up and this particular design  sheet is no longer available although this partial design is.  It really isn’t hard though to make and you do not even need this color sheet if you are doing scrappy and designing as you go — I am not using this color scheme shown this is the pattern that was available to print out a couple months ago when I saw it –


This is the layout for each “diamond”then when you have all your diamonds made you connect them with a background color. As you can see I spent some time yesterday printing out templates on fabric using Inklingo – I only did two of the fat eighths that I have and need to spend more time over the next several weeks printing out more to have on hand – and cutting them!  I quickly realized I needed a new ink cartridge in my printer so needed to make a Wal-Mart run yesterday to get that and picked up some other needed items while I was there.  I was going to pick up another small plastic storage box like the one I have for Patchwork of the Crosses but they discontinued them at that store – I will check Hobby Lobby today.  I need to keep all of these 1 inch hexies organized so they don’t get lost.


Of course I had to stitch this one up to have one done!  It really takes very little time – this one while I wasn’t watching the clock I know it took less than an hour to make from the show I was watching.  Now if I make it the same size as the layout shown above that leaves me with 212 of these to make Smile  of which I can tell you right now will not be wide enough for my bed – the pattern ends at 90 x 107 – so I will probably end up adding at least 2 more rows for width – so lets see from looking at the photo that might add about 17 or so more to that total so end results would be 230 needed!  this is going to take awhile LOL  At this point I do not know what my background fabric will be – pure white, snow, ivory –


Yesterday I also worked on the Patchwork of the Crosses and finished the block that I showed last week –  I will get another one prepped and ready to go.  I will be kind of going back and forth on these two hexie quilts which have a totally different look to them don’t they?


The applique block is coming along nicely also and I have just one more piece to applique in place and then that block will be done.

Now I guess I better get busy and get to the quilting frame so I can post an update on that quilt as well.  Common Bride has not been forgotten – just not worked on! I have left it up on the wall to remind myself it is there.

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  • Marianne Jan 28, 2013

    Wow – you have really gotten into hexies in a big way. Have fun! Better you than me – I find them incredibly tedious, but that’s what makes quilting so interesting. There’s something to challenge everyone. I’ll be curious to see the new diamond quilt as it progresses.

  • Sue Jan 28, 2013

    Karen, I think your name for the quilt is perfect! It’s one of our favorite movies…but then again, we love all the James Bond movies. Haha

    I love the hexie diamond you’ve whipped up. This is going to be a great quilt.

    I need to run to the office supply store too for ink for my printer. Thanks for reminding me!

    Love those plastic containers for keeping things organized. I failed to put some pieces for a quilt in one over the hectic holidays, and now I can’t remember what I was working on! It’ll come to me????

    Happy stitching!
    Sue recently posted…Simple Pleasures and a Heart OverflowingMy Profile

  • Deanna Neumann Jan 28, 2013

    How fun! I love the brown hexies they are really cute. I am just going to start mrs. Billings. Not sure if your are familiar with that…loads of hexies and kite shapes. I will keep watching you for all the pointers you give. Hope your Monday is great!!

  • Rita Larson Jan 28, 2013

    My next hexie project will be hand pieced and not EPP.. I did not enjoy that process. I made a larger hexie quilt and hand pieced it.. Lots better for me.. You will knock the ones you need for Diamonds are Forever out in no time..

  • Debbe Jan 28, 2013

    Oh, I love hexies!
    Debbe recently posted…A bit of what I’ve been up toMy Profile

  • Kim Jan 28, 2013

    Love the look of the new quilt. Can’t wait to see them as you go along.
    Kim recently posted…Slow Stitching SundayMy Profile

  • Heather Jan 28, 2013

    another lovely project. I have pulled out a ufo and am going to work on it till it’s done. i only have to complete the top and then give it back to it’s owner who will arrange the quilting.
    Heather recently posted…Weekend Cooking: Eat Raw, Eat Well by Douglas McNishMy Profile

  • Dara Jan 28, 2013

    I love working with hexies! Though I do english paper piecing. I have done some of the inklingo and enjoyed that method also. Right now I’m doing an english paper piecing hexagon star quilt. It’s just such a peaceful method.
    Dara recently posted…School days are here againMy Profile

  • Doreen Jan 28, 2013

    That name is perfect! Was going to try an Inklingo pattern this summer, when at the RV but this newest printer (HP) is a front loading and I’m not sure about how the fabric would feed through. We’ve had back feed printers in the past, but DH wanted one that would do 2-sided printing and that results in front loading/feeding style. You are one busy gal. Always fun to see the color combos you’re working on. Totally fogged in right now. Temp is at 32, schools are closed, the whole area (state??) was iced in after yesterday’s storm! Ugh! Off to sew………
    Doreen recently posted…A little(?) behind…….My Profile

  • Penny Jan 28, 2013

    Karen, you have certainly been bitten by the hexi bug in a good way. ‘Diamonds are Forever’ will look spectacular.

    I have been enjoying the peacefulness of handwork sewing down Dresden plates which is proving a life-saver at the moment due to the turmoil here with our youngest son’s rebellion. Am thankful though that only two children out of five have rebelled. But it is still heart wrenching to go through.

    Yes, I need to pick up more ink too, so I have been informed by DS 3, it runs out too quickly.

    The new school year starts here on Thursday, so maybe life will settle a little, hopefully a lot.

  • Astrid Jan 28, 2013

    OMG! All those small hexies! 🙂 The quilt looks great and the fabric you have used for the first one is so pretty.
    Astrid recently posted…Weekend projects…My Profile

  • Melindah Jan 28, 2013

    Diamonds aren’t used for ultimate occasions for nothing. They are a symbol of subtle yet powerful charm. Those hexies are nice to the eyes. Nice job Karen!

  • audrey Jan 28, 2013

    Wow! You are so ambitious! I’ve heard that hexies are addictive and I’m starting to believe it just by reading your blog.:)

  • Cathi Jan 29, 2013

    That will be a stunning quilt — I can’t wait to see more of them! What size hexies are you using?
    Cathi recently posted…Tumbling Blocks Mug RugMy Profile

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