Patchwork of the Crosses

Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses, quilts

More progress on these blocks but I have run out of my white hexies once again and I need to run more through the printer for the Inklingo way of doing things.  I should just one day sit down and run through several hundred pieces but because I have not fully committed myself to a queen size quilt I have just been doing a little at a time.  That way if I eventually give up on this quilt I won’t have a lot of extra pieces hanging around the room.

Awhile back I had showed this as the section for the next row to do.  Since then I had gotten the pieces cut out and got things ready to work on.  The blue block on the felt board was finished a couple days ago.


One of the blocks finished.


this one part way finished.  I ran out of the white hexies on this block and have to get 5 more pieces before I can finish this block.  When I get this block finished I have enough to put the row together.


I will get busy on printing out my fabric today and get this block done later today then this week I can get this row done.

Last night it was late when I ran out of the white pieces and I had about 10 more minutes left on my Centennial episode that I was watching so I picked up my Dizzy quilt and finished one more block that had been in progress since before Christmas.  I think I have about 18 blocks left to quilt?


Someone asked how was I quilting this quilt – I have tried to get a couple close ups – this fabric is very busy and hard to get a close up well.  I am just doing simple outline hand quilting regular stitch.


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