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The servicing of my sewing machine was very quickly done!  I dropped the machine off in Fort Smith at about 9:45 and they were calling me letting me know it was ready for pick up by 1:00.  That worked out great for me because I am not much of a shopper and didn’t really want to spend my time aimlessly wandering through stores.

I had a nice lunch with my niece Kristy and her 9 month old baby Jesse – stopped at Kohl’s and found a new purse and Sam’s to stock up on a few things – then off to get the machine and home.

For Christmas one of the things Mike got me was a stick on light to enhance the lighting on this machine – I do not know why they put such tiny lights on these machines – the olds ones always had better lighting – of course they were hotter too.

I didn’t stick the light on when I got it because I didn’t want it on the machine when I took it in.  This is without the extra light turned on


with the extra light – much better I think.


Just peel off the backing and stick it where it will work for your machine.


That’s it for now – maybe more later.

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  • Sue Jan 9, 2013

    Gosh, I love these led lights for the machines. I have the bendable one, but I like this one quite much. Love that you just stick it in one place rather having to stick a bunch of those little pads along the back of the machine. I think the newer Janome’s are coming with these lights on them now.
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  • Gina Jan 9, 2013

    I love your light! What a great idea. Off Internet shopping to find one for me!
    Gina recently posted…My BFFMy Profile

  • Sherry Jan 9, 2013

    Hi, it’s been sometime since my last visit! I also had a old-fashioned sewing machine recently and it is really working well and sufficient!!! Well, the LED light looks great! And by the way, it’s good to come back and see everything is the same or even better!
    Sherry recently posted…海扇贴花小化妆包My Profile

  • Cathi Jan 9, 2013

    That LED throws a lot of light! I think I might just have to find one if I’m going to be doing much machine sewing as my machine’s light is less than wonderful.
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  • CJ Tinkle Jan 9, 2013

    LED lights are wonderful! I think when we build our new house we’re going to use them. Glad your machine got fixed so quickly!
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  • Debra Jan 9, 2013

    Glad your machine was ready in good time. I love your light I must look for one of those.
    Debra recently posted…Happy New YearMy Profile

  • Kim Jan 9, 2013

    What a great light! I also don’t enjoy shopping anymore. We have gotten 4″ of rain so far and more is knocking on our door. They are predicting another 3-5 ” of rain tonight/tomorrow morning. Can we say lake in the yard lol.
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  • Sherry Jan 9, 2013

    exactly!!! Yes, as long as it works properly, people don’t need to buy an expensive thing just for hobby!
    machine sewing and hand working are different when works comes out, which do you prefer, may I know?

  • Karen Jan 9, 2013

    Sherry I prefer hand work but I am starting to get arthritis in my fingers so I know eventually I will be turning to more machine work

  • Sherry Jan 9, 2013

    Oh, that’s not good news. But that’s what nature works! Take care of your fingers and knees and I hope arthritics would postpone its arrival date as long as we wish =) take care!!!

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