The Applique and the Bow Tie Quilt

Diamonds Are Forever, Inklingo, quilts, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

Yes I am finally back to work on the Bow Tie Medallion that has been neglected on the hand quilting frame for over a month.  I got back to work on it Sunday night and will try to start working almost every day on it again while I am watching Doc Martin on Netflix.

I got this much done on Sunday and part of Monday –


This much left to do before I am done with the section and I can crank it down a little.  I finished this section last night but forgot to take a photo – I did crank it down and it is ready to start.


Also on Monday I managed to finish my first block for the William Morris AppliqueFantasy Flowers – now I need to get a second block prepped.  The second block will be totally different colors – some yellows and blues I think.  I had a busy Sunday and Monday with numerous projects.


Now that I am getting into the swing of things I must start back to work on the Common Bride also – maybe later in the week?

Several quilters have asked me to show photos of the small plastic storage box that I have for “Diamonds are Forever”


three layers – for now I am putting diamonds in the bottom box but I will move them to a larger box as I get more of them – right now I have a zillion more hexies to cut so for the time being they are just being put in the middle box, they will overflow to the bottom eventually also.  The top thinner box can fit the thread, scissors ect. when running to quilting groups.



Stitch on the lines – this red diamond took just under 25 minutes to make.


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  • Cindy Jan 30, 2013

    Geez, lady, you have ENERGY !!!
    Cindy recently posted…Microwave Baked Potato BagsMy Profile

  • Kim Jan 30, 2013

    Thanks so much for the pictures of the box. You really got alot done! I am still working away at the hand quilting on hubby’s quilt. I am so enjoying doing it though that it hardly seems like work. I am averaging 2 blocks a day most days that I work on it. Yesterday I had to leave for awhile so did a little over one block. Hopefully I will finish in time.
    Kim recently posted…I had a light bulb moment!My Profile

  • Archiethewonderdog Jan 30, 2013

    I love your new project!!
    P.S. If you like Doc Martin, have you discovered ‘Foyle’s War’ and ‘Midsomer Murders’?
    Archiethewonderdog recently posted…I’ve finished faffing…I think!My Profile

  • Doreen Jan 30, 2013

    For all the machine work I get done, you out-do me by a long shot!! Will have to re-evaluate my daily schedule!!!!! (As if I really had one beyond getting out of bed and returning to it at night!! LOL!) Hope this recent storm did no harm your direction. We barely got an inch of snow but the wind is howling at the moment! Ugh! Quilt group tonight will brighten spirits!!! Hugs, D
    Doreen recently posted…Yes, I have been busy……..My Profile

  • Gina Jan 30, 2013

    Awesome project box! I like your Wm Morris applique too.
    Gina recently posted…B-7 World SeriesMy Profile

  • CJ Tinkle Jan 31, 2013

    I have to agree with the other comments, Karen even though you do all handwork you get more accomplished than the rest of us do using machines! The longer I know you, the more and more curious I get to try hand quilting… whereas once I would have said, when he!% freezes over! 🙂
    CJ Tinkle recently posted…Orchard thoughtsMy Profile

  • Nicole Sep 7, 2013

    beautiful work enjoyed viewing your sight thanks for the ideas.
    Nicole recently posted…Learn How to Calculate Yards for QuiltsMy Profile

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