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Diamonds Are Forever, quilts

On Sunday I grabbed some little hexies to work on while I was watching the news – 3 more hexie diamonds done – at this rate it will take how long?  Smile  13 down – still about 200 to go.


Last night I was watching Doc Martin and sat at the quilting frame and put in some hand quilting time – oh that one is moving so slow!  Recently I have had numerous quilters asking me what kind of blue marks are those on the quilt marking my lines.  I use the blue wash out pen called “Mark B Gone” – there are also other names for it – all fabric stores tend to carry them I think, and they all go by different names but they all work the same.  Draw out your design – quilt and then when you are done with your quilt – WASH IT – no soap – just water – wash in a full cycle just as you would your laundry.  When it is done check it and see if the lines are gone – mine have always been gone in one wash cycle – I then wash my quilt in soap and water and then dry it.  Some quilters say don’t use the blue pen you might have trouble – I have been using the pen for 20 years and have never had a problemif you are not sure test it firstDo not let any heat on the quilt (iron or dryer) until you are sure the blue is gone and there won’t be a problem.


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  • kaholly Feb 12, 2013

    Has long een my favorite pen, too!!
    kaholly recently posted…Calling All Texas QuiltersMy Profile

  • Sarah DiDomizio Feb 12, 2013

    I’ve also used the blue marking pens… a lot…. without any problems. I just make sure to really soak the quilt before using any soap on it (just like you commented in your post).

    The hexies look like they’re coming right along. The quilt is going to look really nice once you have all the pieces made. 🙂
    Sarah DiDomizio recently posted…Coffered Ceiling ProgressMy Profile

  • Doreen Feb 12, 2013

    I think with the hexies, counting should be set aside until a box is filled……a good sized one at that!! LOL!
    Doreen recently posted…And it’s a finish……….My Profile

  • Penny Feb 12, 2013

    Your ‘Bow Tie Medallion’ maybe a slow journey but enjoy the trip. The quilting design is lovely on this quilt.

    The women who organises the quilt group I go to twice a month does not like the blue markers as she and others have had problems with them. Maybe they are doing something wrong. I did use them years ago when I started a class for “Cream on Cream”, (stopped the class for several reasons) but the pens kept drying out.

    Two years ago this social quilt group started in the Nursing Home up the road from us, so my quilting journey really began then. Since reading Sue Garman’s blog I have used a soft lead pencil on lights and a white chalk pencil on darks or a hera marker where possible. The woman organiser at my group was horrified that I used the lead pencil as she has some permanently on a quilt but I have not had any problems with it as long as it is done lightly and use a Mars plastic eraser. Cheaper than the blue pens but takes more effort.

  • Marianne Feb 12, 2013

    Those hexies are looking good. You have soooo much patience! That’s going to be a lovely quilt. And I really like the quick one you did with the squares for military kids. Very sweet.

    Paul and I have exhausted Netflix supply of “Doc Martin.” Love that show for its wierd characters and subtle humor. Have you seen “Call the Midwife”? Another good series from PBS.

  • Astrid Feb 12, 2013

    Lovely hexies. I like your fabric choices. Not had any problems with blue markers either.
    Astrid recently posted…Progress on UFO’sMy Profile

  • Deanna Neumann Feb 12, 2013

    Just thinking, I wish I lived close to you. I would love to watch you quilt. Everything you do is lovely. If you ever travel to Washington state…lets get together lol.

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