Operation Homefront–Baby quilts for Military Families


Have you heard of this project Operation Homefront?  I had never heard of it before until this week when Sew Cal Girl from California posted about it on her site which led me to Karen –  KaHolly  in Texas.  Baby quilts are needed for military families.

This is a very nice charity to take part in.  What could be better than helping out a new baby to a military family.  I wonder how many of you realize that many military families live at poverty level or very close to it.  That is right – military pay stinks!!  Especially for the enlisted man – the officers do make more.   I have been there.  My husband served for 9 years in the US Navy – he was an enlisted man.  I remember that low pay barely having enough to pay the bills and buy groceries.  A lot of times the spouse doesn’t work outside of the home so that there is one parent home with the children.  This provides stability as you never know when the spouse who is in the service will be deployed and it helps to have one parent with the children.  Many times you do not live in base housing, yes you get supplemental pay but it doesn’t always cover everything very well.

I have just learned about Operation Homefront I don’t have all the details –  so please go to the links above to read in depth what they do.  Basically though a baby shower is held for a group of expectant moms and all are given a box of baby goodies which are much needed.  They would like to include a baby quilt with all the boxes.  I have the impression that other than baby quilts other hand made items would be appreciated as well – like knitted or crocheted baby blankets are acceptable as would be knitted/crocheted sweater sets – I think you all know basically the kind of things I am talking about.

When we had our daughters —Melanie and Jessica we were in the service – for each of them I was given a baby box about six weeks before they were due by the human service office of the base we were located at – for Melanie we were in California when she was born and Jessica we were in Connecticut.  Our goodie box included a hand knit sweater, cap, booties, cloth diapers, receiving blankets, bibs, little baby clothes – a complete full box – something to get you started off.

Reading these two blogs brought back to me the memories of such low pay and all that military families go through.  I had been thinking of what charities could benefit from what I do – make quilts – what better way to try to give a little then to the people who help protect us.

Please go to the links above and read about this and if you can make a baby quilt and send it off – addresses are at the links – maybe there is an organization in your home state – these two that I mention are in Texas and California.

The schedule in Texas is as follows:

they will be recognizing 50 moms-to be

in San Antonio on March 6th,

50 at Fort Bliss on May 9th,

50 at Fort Hood on June 12th,

25 at Coastal Bend on July 26th,

and 25 at Dyess AFB in Abilene on Sept. 12th

Now I better get to work and make a baby quilt – I will use my straight line machine quilting to make this as it is faster than I can do by hand and I think I have finally figured it out good enough to make a small quilt for a baby!  I will donate this time to the organization in Texas as that is the closest to my home state that I know of.  The address to send quilts to there is:

Operation Homefront- Texas
Attn: Liza Watts
10157 IH 35 N, Suite A
San Antonio, TX 78233

Does anyone know if they do this in Arkansas too?  I got out my 3 1/2 inch scrap box and got busy making a patchwork quilt today – Maybe I can have it done for the first baby shower on the list, March 6th.  I’ll try to donate several a year I think.  What about you?


EDITED: @ 7AM  I just heard from the lady in charge of the Oklahoma/Arkansas group that does baby showers for the families in these two states I will post all that information as soon as it becomes available.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • kaholly Feb 11, 2013

    Great write up, Karen. Thanks a million! You’ve given it just the personal touch it needed. ~karen
    kaholly recently posted…Calling All Texas QuiltersMy Profile

  • Doreen Feb 11, 2013

    The needs are so great and on-going! Thanks for the post!!!
    Doreen recently posted…On a rainy Sunday……..My Profile

  • Debra Feb 11, 2013

    What a lovely idea, I know that service men and women do not make much money and it is a lovely gesture to provide them with a goodie box for the new baby.
    Debra recently posted…Happy New YearMy Profile

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