Not much going on around here – still cold, I’m sure winter is almost gone though.  The gold finches are turning gold in color which they do in the spring – so even though it is only 34 degrees outside I know spring really is just around the corner – doesn’t feel like it though to most of us does it – glad we didn’t get the snow storm that is going through the states again and hitting the upper east coast today.

Pretty gold finch


And the purple finches seem to be even brighter than they were last week.


And yes I am getting a little more quilting done – Bow Tie Medallion received 90 minutes of quilting this morning – yeah – I’m on a roll!


Now I’m off to exercise -

11 Responses to “Finches”

  1. Love the finch pictures, and your quilting looks great! I’m kind of hoping winter holds a tad longer, I’m not ready to start mowing!
    CJ Tinkle recently posted…Well heck!My Profile

  2. I do believe this weather feels colder than during the winter months! The wind just drives the chill through and through!

    I really like your quilting design on this.
    Charlotte recently posted…Interesting Ads ~ My! How Times Have Changed!My Profile

  3. 34F here, too, and the north winds are really blowing. Still waiting for those warm Southern breezes…..I much prefer lawn mowing to snow shoveling!!! Hugs, D
    Doreen recently posted…For the “Grad”…….My Profile

  4. The gold & purple finches haven’t started to change colors yet. I suppose we have a ways to go before it is really Spring.


  5. I exercised once. Now my fingers do the walking! Your quilt is coming along great!
    kaholly recently posted…Happy SpringMy Profile

  6. I am pleased that the snow did not go to the “upper” east coast but hit the mid-Atlantic states instead. We’ve had our fill. Those finches are adorable. It will be a while before we see them, though!

  7. Wow quilting for an hour and half and then your going exercising. You are a good person. The quilt is looking great.
    Debra recently posted…Blooming nine patchMy Profile

  8. oh Marianne so glad the snow didn’t go as far north as Vermont – you have had a lot of it this year – glad you missed it.
    Debra that was an hour and half with a couple breaks in there – had to walk and ride the bike to get the numbness out of my butt from sitting so long :) LOL

  9. I’m so happy to see a goldfinch that has turned color. I can’t tell them apart from the sparrows with their winter colors. I saw a purple finch a week or 2 ago but haven’t had a bunch of them stop by yet. We’re finally going to get closer to our normal temperatures this weekend.
    Wanda recently posted…In reverse order……..My Profile

  10. Love the photos of the finches. Never seen the purples ones in Norway, don’t think we have them there… Before you know spring is at your place! Still hot during daytime here, but the nights/mornings are wonderfully cooler! :) Lovely quilting!
    Astrid recently posted…Rustic Retreat – last projectsMy Profile

  11. looking good, I found a bow tie quilt I started while cleaning up my sewing room I should finish it, love the way your quilting yours.
    thanks for sharing

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