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Last night I got the row finished to add to the bottom of the Patchwork of the Crosses – now I need to get busy adding it onto the bottom of the quilt before I getting busy working on the row that goes down the side – a little longer than the one across the bottom.  This photo was taken before I got done and I was too lazy to get the camera back out and take another photo – I’m sure you will see it again.


Also made more progress on the Bow Tie Medallion – trying to get back to working on it for at least a little while each day.  I do wish of course now that I would have went with less quilting as always – I didn’t think it was that much until I get going and then of course it is too late to change the quilting design and I have to stick with it to the end.


And I am making very good progress on the second baby quilt.  I am adding two more blocks to the end of each row as I get the rows sewed down.  I think this one will be about 40 x 44 inches? something like that – the other one is bigger – longer anyhow maybe as wide as this one.  One of this I will do straight lines ( I got my walking foot in the mail yesterday) and the other I will do with the Perle cotton and give it a try – I ordered a couple of those cute little balls of thread – brown and some needles should get here next week probably – I will have time to finish one by machine by then and start the next! Sounds like a plan anyhow.


I bought two packages of Bleeding Hearts last month and planted in two pots – flowering already – I am amazed at how fast these grew – I plan on keeping them in pots for a little bit and then when the ground warms up enough I will find a place to plant them outside – part sun/part shade – I will have to figure out a good place to put them.  The weather will be nice after Thursday to put them on the porch for awhile – I do believe we are heading towards a spell of 60/40’s for awhile.  (I didn’t expect these to grow so fast!)  Does anyone know if they do best in more shade than sun? those are usually my best areas here to plant.


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  • audrey Mar 6, 2013

    I think your quilting on the bow-tie medallion is fabulous! It may seem like too much, right now, but I think you’ll be super happy with it in the end. Beautiful work.:)

  • Elaine Mar 6, 2013

    Love the hand quilting on your Bow Tie Quilt 🙂
    I love Dicentra (Bleeding Hearts) too, I have several in my garden here in the UK, both white and pink, they are more of a woodland plant, mine do really well in partial shade and come up beautifully every year.
    Elaine recently posted…CelineMy Profile

  • Penny Mar 6, 2013

    Karen, your quilting on the Bow Tie Medallion is beautiful, it will be worth the effort! Did you use a solid white on this quilt?

    Did you have a chance to look at the Juki machines the other day?

  • Geta Mar 6, 2013

    Are those elangated hexagons, Karen ? I see for the first time this pattern, it is wonderful, I love the way the blocks are joined together.
    It seams you don’t use paper templates.

  • kaholly Mar 6, 2013

    Oh, how pretty is that row of Patchwork of the Crosses coming out!! Drool, drool!
    The Bowtie Quilt is coming along very nicely, and inspires me to try to stay up a little later to get back to work on my hand quilting project. I only hand quilt in the evenings, but lately I’ve just been too pooped!
    kaholly recently posted…Anything But UFO’sMy Profile

  • Sarah DiDomizio Mar 6, 2013

    The Patchwork of Crosses looked great so far! I have to say, I do like the quilting you’re doing on the Bow Tie quilt. I agree with you though… when I get partway through quilting something I sometimes question why I decided to put so much quilting on the quilt. 🙂 I just keep trying to tell myself that it will be worth it in the end. Good luck!
    Sarah DiDomizio recently posted…Ceiling ProgressMy Profile

  • Brooxie Mar 6, 2013

    Bleeding hearts are so nostalgic for me. They were in my grandmother’s large flower garden. She loved all her flowers. I haven’t seen the plant in person since a child, but every time I see a photo on line or in a magazine, I am reminded of my dear grandma.

  • Heather Mar 6, 2013

    Every thing is so lovely. Yes, there is a lot of quilting on the bow ties, but if you had changed your mind and done less, when you were finished you would have looked at it and wished you had done more. Steady progress and you will get done . After Easter I am going to get back to my hand quilting project. It has sat so long unattened.
    Heather recently posted…Needlework Tuesday – Disappearing 4 Patch & VariationsMy Profile

  • Janet Mar 6, 2013

    Bleeding hearts do well in the shade. I planted one by my front steps in 1993, and it’s still beautiful. They really light up a shady corner.

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