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Yesterday was such a busy day – drive to mom’s takes slightly more than two hours.  Then we go to lunch and shop for awhile – I think we hit Belk’s, Kolh’s, Ross, Penney’s, Christopher & Banks – more than I really like to – I’m not really much of a shopper.  Mom was looking for a simple light weight cardigan – do they not make these any more!  one store after another – nothing – finally the last store – Penney’s had one – success.  Left and drove back to mom’s apartment with a slight detour –I wanted to check out the Rabbits Lair (quilt shop) didn’t know they had a new location – I really didn’t think it had been that long since I been there but I guess it was – the girl in the shop said they had been there a year.  Normally I just do not have time when visiting mom to check out quilt shops too.  They have changed a bit and I think I will need to make time in my visits from now on to check out that shop – it used to be mainly civil war repro’s of which I am not that into – now they are branching out and have a lot of other things and going crazy with all things Sue Daley – which I do love!  I think they have almost all of her notions in the store and all of the paper pieces if you are in to EPP, I think they have some of the acrylic templates too – I will check next time.

I got just a little quilting done last night – just part of this section.  Hopefully will do more today.  Quilt group this morning for a couple hours then back home – will it rain or will it miss us?  – my quilt group project right now is the Diamonds are Forever hexies – all in one small container and easy to pull out – all kept in one small box and nothing to get ready.


As far as the roses go – thanks everyone for the complements – I do nothing special with these roses.  I throw some fertilizer pellets on the ground if I think of it – I spray them with House and Garden spray if they get aphids (keep your fingers crossed none for two years now), I dump dish water on them only when we have droughts and are on water limits which rarely happens – last year was special.  I used to have about 10 bushes in an area very close to these red roses – they were horrible – black spot, fungus? aphids – you name it – the leaves fell off even – after 2 or 3 years of this and nothing worked I dug them up and burned them – now for the last two years these roses that I have left are just fine Smile  Roses for the most part grow very well in the south – in the north not so much – my mom had one rose bush in Wisconsin and I believe she cut the bush back in the fall and wrapped it up in burlap bags tied with twine maybe put some straw around it too – I’m not sure – until the weather warmed up and then it came back ok.

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  • Sue May 10, 2013

    Your quilt is looking oh so wonderful! I just love admiring your quilting.

    I saw that The Rabbit’s Lair was in the recent Quilt Sampler. What an honor for them.

    I love Civil War reproductions so that would be right up my alley !! 😀

    Happy spring to you!

  • audrey May 10, 2013

    I love having a hand work project all ready to just pick up and go! So glad you got to spend a little bit of time with your mom this week too.:)

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