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quilts, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

First of all thank you all so much for your compliments on my Check Mark quilt.  So many have said they too do not like to do machine quilting and do not think they ever well. I think those of us that always hand quilted just have a hard time coming to love our sewing machines like some of you do that have actually named them Smile  I look on the machine as a tool to get done faster but not necessarily something that I think will look better than hand work.  It won’t matter how much practice I have – it is just something I do not care for and I doubt I will ever come to love it.  I might still try to do a small quilt now and then especially if it needs to get done fast but I just don’t put enough effort into the process.  But my love is hand work – that is what I find relaxing and joyful.  To me hand work is just so quite and peaceful – a time to think of things, go over lists in my mind, day dream, think of more quilts! watch/listen to tv ect.  It is just one of the most relaxing things in the world to me.

Someone asked me why not pay a long arm quilter to do the work then that I don’t like to do.  I have never paid someone to do one of my quilts – it is firmly against what I want to do as a quilter. First of all I like to make the quilt from start to finish – by hand most of the time.    To make a quilt top by hand and then have it machine quilted just doesn’t sit right with me Smile I am such a quilt purists I guess–LOL Also I do not really have it in my budget – I make a lot of tops and I’m not going to pay out that much money for someone to do it for me. Second I know a lot of you like the look of machine quilting and the panto’s – all over swirly designs – I don’t – that is just me – it is not something I care for on my quilts.  Maybe one day I will need to have help in finishing my quilts but until that day I will do them myself even if it means I can’t do as many as I want to make.

Now on to Floral Fantasy.  Now that the zigzag quilt is done, before I pin baste another top and put it in the hoop I thought I would get another block appliqued.  They are all crammed up on the wall right now overlapping each other so I could see color.   I thought before I go much further I needed to change a little on the first block in the second row – the burgundy color is too dark as you can see it really blends into the back ground too much.  I did not want to have to unpick the pieces so I thought I would outline embroider another color so it would stand out more.


It is not a big change but I think it will be enough.  When I get done doing this block then I will start on the next one.


All the pieces are glue basted in place and I have my thread picked out of my cabinet and I was lucky once in again in having threads that match.


I hope every one had a great weekend and thanks again for all you compliments.  I was more pleased with the look of the quilt after I had washed and dried it.  The crinkly look does so much for a quilt and it really helps in hiding all those mistakes we see (but normally no else does).

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  • Debbe Jun 24, 2013

    Beautiful! I have a question, when you are appliqueing a block on or embroidering do you use a hoop?
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  • Mary LeClerc Jun 24, 2013

    While I am primarily a machine quilting rather than a hand quilter, I’ve always felt like you about doing everything on my quilts myself. I also didn’t/don’t like the look of pantos.

    But…………………the time has come (and been here awhile) that I can no longer handle big quilts because of my lung condition. That much arm movement has become next to impossible. So I had to decide if I still want to make quilts even if it means letting someone else quilt them for me. The answer is yes…I do.

    Sometimes things change, even when we wish they didn’t. Hope you can continue to make your beautiful quilts for a long, long time.
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  • Kathleen C Jun 24, 2013

    I agree with everything you said today, and I couldn’t have said it as well as you did, so thanks! The one difference is that I’m not a hand piecer. I use the machine so that the piecing will go faster. Then I can spend my time with hand quilting and hand applique.
    While I admire much of the machine quilting I’ve seen, I’ve also seen some that is over the top to me. I’ll do very small lap quilts, straight lines only,but nothing more. If I’m not going to hand quilt, I will tie a quilt. I don’t have the budget for sending quilts out either. Tho I don’t buy much fabric, I’d rather spend my money in that way. I save the smallest scraps which can be used for small blocks or applique.
    Hand quilting and hand applique are so restful, and the results are well worth the work. As Mary (comment #2) said, circumstances may change in the future, and then I’ll makes adjustments as needed.
    I follow your blog in Old Reader and always enjoy your posts and your quilts. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  • audrey Jun 24, 2013

    When you were talking about why you don’t send your quilt to the longarm quilter, you could have been talking about me too! To each their own I say. If I end up passing a stack of unfinished quilt tops down to my kids, I know my daughters will at least make sure they get tied. lol

  • Doreen Jun 24, 2013

    It is such a complex/subjective process! For some, hand quilting (sadly) has become physically impossible (or even piecing). For them, these days are good because the machine piecing/quilting methods have come a long way. But, carried to the “extreme” (no offense meant) machines (quilting: pantos/Statler systems, etc) seem to remove the “human”-ness from the quilt and that is the essence of what a quilt is about. For those who choose this last direction the outcome may be more likened to a litho print made of an original artpiece. Both are beautiful but the human touch has been removed and, in the case of the longarm quilting machines w/ pantos, etc, “perfection” has entered. I cannot do the handwork any longer and have moved to machines. For quilting, I use a “sit down” mid-arm which allows me to totally guide and draw the stitching as I envision in my mind. Perfect?? Nope. Pleasing and lovely? Yup and satisfying. My aim/goal is not in the number of completions but the sheer joy of the creation (yes…..from start to finish). May each of us enjoy the blessing that this wonderful art possesses!!!!
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  • Mary Ann Jun 24, 2013

    One of these days I want to hand quilt one of my quilts. I need lots of practice on my stitches so I will have to practice,practice until I am happy with the stitches as I have never done hand quilting. I do my own quilting on all my projects but I don’t like to make anything larger than a lap quilt as I found out the larger ones are just too much for me to handle. I just do simple machine quilting on mine as that is what I like. If my project is too large then I end up tying it as I really like tied quilts.

  • Marianne Jun 24, 2013

    I used to feel as you do about sending things to a long armer, until I found one whose work I really liked. She got very busy so I had to start using another one. I only send her the quilts I want a pantograph design on, however. I don’t think she has the creativity to do “custom” work. I do that myself, believe it or not, on my home machine. The stitches aren’t fancy but I am slowly getting better – and liking it more as I go along. I machine quilt bigger quilts in sections if I want the custom treatment. It’s all a matter of what *you* want and what *you* like. It’s your work, after all! The whole process should be enjoyable to *you*!

  • gisèle Jun 25, 2013

    Je pense comme vous, le travail manuel a la main J’adore.
    Bonne semaine
    Gisèle du Québec

  • Loretta Jun 26, 2013

    I feel exactly the same way about wanting to do my quilts from start to finish. If I didn’t finish it (do the quilting) then I wouldn’t feel like it was “my” quilt.
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