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I thought I would remind you all what my “Uncommon Common Bride” looks like Smile y’all know I started the Common Bride quilt and then kind of changed my mind after I got going on it and it has been set aside for sometime now – I have not forgotten it!  I never forget something I started!   I just was undecided in how I was going to finish it and for sometime now I had thought to finish it off as a tablecloth quilt.  Here it is on the table – all wrinkled from being folded up and put aside for so long.  I decided to add one or two more borders – pieced/appliqued? not sure and call it quits.  When I decide what kind of border or two it will have I will let you all know.  It will be a “table quilt” a thin batting and quilt like usual.  It will be removed of course and placemats put down when food on the table.


I finished the Floral Fantasy block yesterday morning.  That makes 6 done and 7 more to go.  With the flash the blue turns out perfect.


When it was a little different setting in light the blocks are all looking so much darker!  I guess wherever I end up having this large wall hanging I will need to make sure it has plenty of light.    Please excuse how they are all overlapping each other up on the wall – just don’t have enough room to spread them out good without getting out the portable design wall which I really don’t feel like doing.


Pretty daylilies opening up in the flower bed that I took apart in the spring and never quite got back together – I will work on this in the fall.


One of the smaller sunflowers open and facing the direction of the porch so I could get a photo better – I will be pleased to see that really tall one open – I’m hoping for a really big flower.  The one that is open is bigger than my hand.


I am so glad I put these tomato plants by the workshop wall – I have had to support them a couple weeks ago as they got taller than the cages and were bending over horribly.  I have never had tomato plants get this tall – I did toss in some fertilizer in the soil and these are fresh raised beds this year – but wow, looking at them one would think I had a green thumb which I don’t.


I have a cucumber plant down here underneath the sunflowers and the cucumber plant decided to attach itself to one and start climbing – if you look towards the bottom there is a cucumber growing there!


Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  • kathie Jul 1, 2013

    I love sunflowers , think I need to plant some for next year.
    they just make me smile!
    looks like your going to have a great tomato crop
    kathie recently posted…Conversations quiltMy Profile

  • Wanda Jul 1, 2013

    I like the 2 tone day lily, much prettier than the plain ones.

    I had a couple volunteer sunflowers come up and get about 4 feet tall and then the squirrels pull them down.
    Wanda recently posted…Something new…….My Profile

  • Chris Jul 1, 2013

    I would leave the table quilt as is. This way, the center design will shine. It really is beautiful.
    Usually, when I am de-cluttering I will put a partially done quilt into a box and neatly label it and stack it in the quilting cupboard then I can focus on just 1 project at a time, since I have trouble getting anything done in a clutter. Problem is, I love to start new quilts and the ones that are out of sight are out of mind also.
    All except Dear Jane. This one has been on the design wall for 2 years (I started it in 2009). Some days I sit here for hours just looking at it. I have 169/169 blocks and 14/56 triangles done. Soon. I discovered your blog through That Quilt.
    I am on board with Love Entwined. Thank you for sharing the link. I think I have enough suitable fabrics in my stash to do it justice. William Morris Tapestry with Jinny Beyer pallet.

  • Debbie in Alaska Jul 1, 2013

    Great idea for Common Bride…I’ve missed her.
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…Show and TellMy Profile

  • audrey Jul 1, 2013

    Great idea for your uncommon bride quilt. Then you will be able to enjoy it every day!

  • Rhoda Jul 1, 2013

    Love you quilts Karen. I saw your post on Esthers Yahoo group and am wondering where you ordered your Japanese Taupe’s from?

  • Victoria Jul 1, 2013

    Good evening! Well, lots of things going on in your blog: trip to Tulsa (lovely potos, you seem you both enjoyed it a lot), gardening (those sunflowers, I like them so much) and the Uncommon Common Bride quilt which I love (I agree with Chris, I would leave it the way it is now as it makes your work in the middle of it stand out, just my opinión!). I really like the photographs of your garden as a city woman I miss being surrounded by Mother Nature now and again. Love!!

  • Doreen Jul 1, 2013

    Your garden photos could be here….with all the rain we’ve had things are growing incredibly now! With the lovely temps (70’s) it’s hard to be indoors all the time, so take a bit of time to mosey ’round our place. We’ll be having to pick our (pie) cherry trees by the end of the week. Just finishing the strawberries. The raspberries look to be a ‘bumper’ crop this year! Your stitchings are so beautiful!!! Hugs……
    Doreen recently posted…Even the local TV station…….My Profile

  • Chris Jul 1, 2013

    My gardens here in Ontario Canada are weeks behind. My husband was in Tulsa last weekend for a convention and got to stay an extra night when his fight home was cancelled. I stayed home this time and quilted.

  • Karen Jul 1, 2013

    I want to make the quilt for the table a little larger so it would hang over the edges just a little all the way around – on the original pattern there is patchwork – 1 inch squares about 4 to 6 rows I believe – instead I am thinking of 4 rows of 2 inch squares – not positive but to me that will finish it just fine and make it a little larger to the size I want. Thanks for your opinions though – always nice to hear other points of view – sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t 🙂

  • swooze Jul 2, 2013

    On your Uncommon Bride I thought the stars you were making were too heavy but as cornerstone they might be great. That might be a good start for that one more border. Not sure how much larger you want it but there is a start. This really is a very pretty quilt.
    swooze recently posted…BONUS HSTsMy Profile

  • swooze Jul 2, 2013

    Haha you already did that….hmmm…
    swooze recently posted…BONUS HSTsMy Profile

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