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Love Entwined – Esther’s BOM, Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses, Red & Green Traditional Applique

How do you start off your morning – me  – a cup of coffee and blog reading and catching up on e mail and yahoo groups.  Only problem with this is that time can really get away from you fast and before you know it even if I start at 6:30 I might still be sitting here at 9!!  Bad girl—other things to do.  And that is after I cut back on the blogs in my reader!!  I had 168 blogs on my reader – how did that happen?  Now it is cut back to 116 – I just had to for my sanity.  I really need to cut it back even more but there are so many interesting blogs out there and not every one posts everyday.  (my view out to the workshop and the sunflowers and tomatoes.)


After I got myself off the computer and ready for the day I got busy picking some tomatoes that were just about ripe – I like to pick them before completely ripe and put them on the windowsill.  They ripen so quickly that way and are within easy reach when needed.  Seeing as I am not really into canning all that much I find that I like just having a small amount ready at a time.


Fresh granola made also and some laundry done and time to fiddle around with quilting projects.


Patchwork of the Crosses now has it’s squared off border of aqua colors – next is to measure and cut white, light aqua and dark aqua strips which will then go around this – next sewing strings of 90 degree hexagons together to be appliqued down the middle of those strips.  Different from the original but what can I say – I like to be a little different.


Tuesday nights quilting at the frame more progress on the Red and Green:



Now on to Love Entwined.  This quilt is going to take a lot of time Smile have I said that?  I was busy today taping the template together for the center medallion.  That meant it was time to extend my cutting table out and have room to work.  It is supposed to be 31.5 inches – mine for some reason has turned out 31.75 inches!!  which means either trying to print the whole thing out all over again or fudging here and there while I make it – which is of course what I will do as I do not aim for perfection LOL.  Part 3 and I believe 4 well have more that go in to this medallion!  Really by changing the size slightly and I mean very slightly on some pieces it should work out ok.


To refresh your memories this is what the quilt looks like in this particular color scheme – quite a bit more in that center isn’t there!  In fact there is a heck of a lot of stuff in there!! Well I do all of it? I really don’t know at this point.  It is a historical quilt and this is a Esther’s design as she saw it from the black and white photo in the book she found it in.


I left off at trying to find the center for the mariners compass before I quit for the day to get supper ready and then got back to hand quilting last evening – next up I need to make sure it is centered and pin in place and applique it down.  Then I will start with the applique around the compass and go from there.


This is what we do for part two.


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  • Sharon Sucher Jul 18, 2013

    LOL!!!! I start my day the same as you. I often get up around 5:30 and start reading my email, FB, and favorite blogs. I call my computer a ‘Time Thief’, since it robs me of sooo much time. I can’t even imagine checking out as many blogs as you do, but it does seem that one blog leads to another new one.
    I had my second cataract surgery two days ago and I can start quilting again….so happy. Eyesight is a blessed gift and should never be taken for granted.
    I have enjoyed seeing the progress you are making on your quilts; and, I envy you your tomatoes. Ours aren’t ripe yet, it’s been too rainy; however, we are in a heat wave at the moment so perhaps they will ripen soon.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • Elaine Jul 18, 2013

    I have part 2 printed, but I have been waiting for my sister and family to leave before I could start – the left this morning, so I can finally begin 🙂
    Elaine recently posted…Floral HeartMy Profile

  • Nedra Jul 18, 2013

    Look at Love Entwined! Most of us would be happy to make one quilt like that in our lifetime. But, you will probably have it done this year 🙂
    Nedra recently posted…Costa Vida Tempe Grand OpeningMy Profile

  • kaholly Jul 18, 2013

    I begin my day the same! I try to be mindful of the time. Mornings are my most creative time of the day and I don’t want to waste even a minute. Your quilts are looking gorgeous. I can’t belive you are making Love Entwined. It looks so complicated! Good luck with it. Am looking forward to watching your progress.
    kaholly recently posted…Out of the Mouths of BabesMy Profile

  • Michele Hill Jul 18, 2013

    I start my day exactly the same way Karen and then I can’t move because my rear end has been stuck to the seat for so long!! (I have especailly been checking on Libby Lehman’s progress each day). I look forward to seeing the progress of your new quilt with Esther – it is gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by and visiting me xx
    Michele Hill recently posted…Taupo day twoMy Profile

  • Cathi Jul 18, 2013

    Your POTC is looking fabulous. I can’t wait to see your border treatment!
    I try to not start reading blogs until I’ve got done whatever I need to that day as I can get lost for hours.
    Cathi recently posted…And Now There are ThreeMy Profile

  • audrey Jul 18, 2013

    Oh yes, I start out with breakfast at the computer and read through way too many blogs! Your POTC quilt is so amazing. I am in awe of your work and dedication!

  • Noreen Jul 18, 2013

    Hi Karen, I so understand about the time it takes to read the new posts every day. I’m way over your number-probably closer to 200. I don’t always comment but usually read the main part of posts. I have found deleting blogs very difficult now on Blogger. It used to be so easy but now I’m not even sure how to do it. Love your quilt room(I need a thread holder); your quilts are fabulous. Happy Stitching.
    Noreen recently posted…A Must ReadMy Profile

  • Mary Ann Jul 18, 2013

    Oh my I am so glad I am not the only one that get stuck on these blogs for hours at a time each day! I love reading them but don’t think I could keep up with reading 200! Another thing, the blogs then send you to online fabric stores to see all the new fabrics coming there way! Really have to hold myself back on ordering!
    Am loving seeing all your work. Really beautiful.

  • Doreen Jul 18, 2013

    I think there are a lot of us on that same morning schedule!! Since I seem to want to comment on all the blogs, 10:00 comes way too fast!!! I am an “all or nothing” type and when I am on a really tight schedule I don’t even boot up the ‘puter. It’s amazing how much I get accomplished!!! You are doing great things there and I love your view…gorgeous! Hugs……
    Doreen recently posted…A little HAND quilting!!!!….My Profile

  • Alison Jul 18, 2013

    Karen, glad you are checking out Michele’s blog – Taupo is about 45 minutes from my home town of Rotorua! Y’all should come on over sometime,

  • Byrd Jul 19, 2013

    Definitely on the same wavelength: get up early, make coffee, walk around the yard, read the paper(on-line) and favorite blogs. Then I head down to the studio until the rest of the household wakes up . . . care to share the granola recipe?
    Your quilts are stunning! Take care, Byrd
    Byrd recently posted…Baby, It’s Hot Outside!My Profile

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