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Yesterday was a busy day – and I didn’t spend it all reading blogs Smile – so glad to hear that a lot of you are as addicted as I am to reading blogs in the morning!    I did get my fabric strips cut for the border on the Patchwork of the Crosses – but not sewn – that will probably wait until Monday at least before I get to it.   The sewing room is beginning to be a bit of a mess again – I will need to do some clean up soon.


The quilting on the Red and Green continues – yes those white chalk lines on the narrow sashing are a bit uneven – I fix them as I sew – just something to guide.


Just got started on this one.


My Japanese Taupe’s all lined up along with a bag of what might be used in Love Entwined.


The compass is now appliqued in place and the triangles are just sitting there – I hope to get to them this week – I need to glue baste and then applique before moving to the next step.


A very pretty Walking Stick that I moved to the tree – it wanted to make it’s home on the deck but I didn’t want it crawling by me and it kept going back to the table.


And here is a baby Walking Stick all green in color that was in the garden while I was watering it yesterday morning.  Right next to the reddish leave on the ground – this stick was only about 2 inches long the other one was about 5 inches or so.


Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?  I dug it up in an area that I had spread a packet of wildflower seeds last year – it grew this year – I thought it would have pretty flowers on it but just tiny little things that never seem to open.


a close up


We are off to pick up our grandson at the airport this afternoon.  Utah is 13 now and flying in  on a direct flight.  We are sharing him with his father’s family who live a little more than two hours away from us so I will be busy off and on and don’t know if I will be blogging every day for the next 10 days or so– most days I will I’m sure even if it is just to post a quick photo.  We have him for the weekend then his uncle & family has him for the work week coming up and then we get him again Saturday through Tuesday.  So like I say some day’s I will be busy and some not – there will be days that no sewing gets done!

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  • Joan good Jul 19, 2013

    Love your triangles on Love Entwined. Did you fussy cut them to get the little starbursts on the light pink? I haven’t started mine yet, still need to shop for background fabric. I loved everyone’s comments yesterday. I too find myself reading blogs in the morning and am amazed at the time when I finish!

  • kaholly Jul 19, 2013

    Enjoy your grandson’s visit!! I know of a young man named Utah in New Braunfels, just about that same age. You kept so busy yesterday and accomplished so much!! You are such an inspiration for me. I think it’s because you do like I do…a little on this, then a little on that, making progress on everything every day. Every once in awhile, I get a little overwhelmed, but then I find my zone again, and zip right through the day, never stopping. The only thing I’m having trouble finding enough time for is all the handwork.
    kaholly recently posted…Out of the Mouths of BabesMy Profile

  • kaholly Jul 19, 2013

    I’m back. Karen, that plant looks like a wild version inthe family of the morning glory. I brought in some leaves and compared it to your picture, more specifically Black Bindweed (Polygonum convolvulus). It produces few flowers and they are quite small. The little flowers want to be greenish. Do those?
    kaholly recently posted…Out of the Mouths of BabesMy Profile

  • Wanda Jul 19, 2013

    I was going to say Bindweed too, a noxious weed that is trying to ruin my front garden. It wraps itself around everything and goes from plant to plant until you have a tangled mess. It does produce small white morning glory type flowers in part of the summer season.
    Wanda recently posted…Combination blocks………My Profile

  • Nedra Jul 19, 2013

    Enjoy that grandson, and I love his name!
    Nedra recently posted…Triangles On A Roll Demo at MulqueensMy Profile

  • audrey Jul 19, 2013

    Enjoy your time with your grandson! Love how organized you are.:)

  • Kim Jul 19, 2013

    Enjoy your time with your grandson! I am finally quilting again and enjoying it so much!
    Kim recently posted…Step 2!My Profile

  • Mary Ann Jul 19, 2013

    Have a great time with your grandson.

  • Cathi Jul 19, 2013

    Your Love Entwined is going to be gorgeous!
    Cathi recently posted…PlanningMy Profile

  • Thimbleanna Jul 19, 2013

    I love seeing your steady progress on your projects. Especially your hand quilting — beautiful!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Friendship StarsMy Profile

  • Dawn Jul 20, 2013

    The second bug that you picture is not a “walking stitck”, but a praying mantis. Wonderful to have in the garden as they are voracious hunters of other insects that attack the plants.

    I think that the plant you are unsure of is bindweed as well. Get rid of it ASAP before it gets a good hold in the garden. It is very difficult to remove once established.


  • Karen Jul 20, 2013

    we refer to all Praying mantis no matter what the color as Walking Sticks -just what we do

  • Archiethewonderdog Jul 21, 2013

    I can’t wait to see more of your ‘Love Entwined’ centre and the quilting on the red and green quilt is lovely!
    Archiethewonderdog recently posted…Rounding up quarter twoMy Profile

  • Paula.thequilter Jul 22, 2013

    I will concur with bindweed. Horrible stuff.

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