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Monday was not a day that I can really say I got much done.  I have been in such a reading mood the last several weeks that I admit to sitting around reading a lot on the porch or in the house.  I do get up and sew now and then but I really can’t say I sit for hours with a needle.  Except in the evening – then I quilt on the Red and Green – we have been watching an old show called The Shield on Hulu plus – it is a violent cop show but after the first show or two we were hooked on trying not to like the bad cop.  One of those types that you don’t like but do understand where he is coming from considering his job.

Ok, what did I get done on Monday? —  I opened a package from my friend Marianne in Vermont –I had sent Marianne a couple books that I no longer had a desire for and she did desire and in return she sent me some fabric Smile always so nice to open isn’t it.  Marianne was my secret pal about – what?—4 or 5 years ago now on a Dear Jane list that we were on together — we have stayed in touch.  She mentioned last week that she passed up a chance to buy the Nearly Insane book! really – well I had it on my shelves for the last I don’t know 5 years? but after I made the two Dear Jane quilts I really tired of little sampler blocks – I had even gotten the authors other book Just Plain Nutsand really by then I was just plain nuts to have bought it!!!  Really doubtful that I would ever use them so I passed them on to Marianne.


I had ordered more of the fat quarter Japanese Taupe’s for the Love Entwined quilt and they arrived today – so that was a 2nd package opened Smile the ones in the front are the new – yellows, blues and plum’s.  Isn’t it so much fun to open up packages of fabric!!!


I printed out some triangulations to make half square triangles for the border on the Uncommon, Common Bride quilt.  On my sidebar under Tutorials I have Triangulations listed.   You just need to see the part two that I have a link to in order to no how to use them – part 1 was just talking about .  This was an inexpensive program that I bought for the computer that prints out foundations.  Yes I know I don’t care for foundation piecing but sometimes it comes in handy.


Then I pressed and cut numerous pieces of white and prints that I have used in this quilt or go with it and I will start work on this today  – it will be close to 100 degrees today and Wednesday.  I don’t think I will be outside all that much the next couple of days!


The wood that accumulated from our tree cutting episode last week, you can’t see from the photo but the wood spreads out about 6 to 8 feet at the base and is piled up a bit.


I should have taken a before and after photo but didn’t think of it.  Mike will take a break from this for awhile now as he got tired of it Smile and get back to it another time – too hot anyhow right!  Several we will need to have professionals do as the trees are crooked and too close to the house you never know if they will land right and you don’t want them on the house – you can’t see from this photo but the house is to the right side of these trees – maybe about 30 to 40 feet?


We are now in a burn ban for our county – I guess we were lucky to use our fire pit last week when it was so much cooler – hope we get rain soon and don’t end up in a drought again.

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  • Debbe Jul 9, 2013

    It seems that you were quite busy. Any time there is new fabric involved you have to spend many hours ‘petting’ it and getting a feel for what it will go well with in a future project. I pieced part of a pattern test quilt yesterday, between being a taxi driver.
    Debbe recently posted…Better than V.B.My Profile

  • Nedra Jul 9, 2013

    Plenty of fun quilt things to keep you busy when the weather is too hot outside.
    Nedra recently posted…Cactus Needle Quilt PatternsMy Profile

  • Doreen Jul 9, 2013

    Yesterday was incredible for heat and humidity but that didn’t keep DH from picking all the pie cherries from the 1 tree that was ready. 6 5qt buckets full. Gave 2 to a friend, 2 will go for his wine making and the remaining will be pitted after lunch today. We got a little rain this a.m. We were on the very northern edge of the more severe weather that came through. Cooler today….a little. I hope you get some moisture soon. Around here, there’s been way too much and the fields are super behind or empty. All else is very green, however. Have a good day and really love those new fabrics….beautiful and inspiring!! Hugs……
    Doreen recently posted…2 of 3 Completed!My Profile

  • Kathleen C Jul 9, 2013

    Karen, I read your blog in a reader and also visit you. I always like your quilts; your applique is lovely . (I’m also a member of Celebrate Hand Quilting and follow on FB). I love the way you choose fabrics and colors. I could never pick out fabrics for Love Entwined as you’ve done–they’re beautiful . I considered starting the quilt or at least joining and downloading for the future. If I do it someday, you can choose the colors for me!

  • Charlotte Jul 9, 2013

    A friend brought several pieces of fabric to me last week; she was cleaning out things she wouldn’t be using. I thought of it as Christmas in July! Sure nice of you to pass the books along to someone who will use them.

    101* already this afternoon; the pastures are looking almost like they did last year. We really haven’t had much more than a sprinkling since June 1st.
    Charlotte recently posted…July ApronMy Profile

  • audrey Jul 9, 2013

    Great trade for you and your friend! I have considered getting rid of a book or two myself now that I can see my style of quilting has changed. Sounds like you’re enjoying your summer.:)

  • jennifer Jul 10, 2013

    Really nice material! We are under a burn ban a lot here every year we are still trying to get trees cut and cleared on our property from the Hurricane!!! It takes time but he will get it all done!!!

  • Vivian Jul 10, 2013

    I have been sitting outside and reading a lot this summer. So very relaxing. Yes, it is going to much too hot today. I have workshops most days this week.

    Love your new Japanese fat quarters.
    Vivian recently posted…“Burst of Color”My Profile

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