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I have been working a little off and on all yesterday on Love Entwined.  I would like to get done with Part 3 this week, put it aside for a little bit and get started on the new blocks that I showed you the other day – I want to finish this first though so it won’t get set aside unfinished and have to play catch up when part 4 comes out in mid September.  This is where it stands now – the second wreath of hearts is almost complete, the centers are coming together better in this one but the first is a bit sloppy in the center – I think I will make a little circle to put in the center of both of them to cover it up.  The plaid piece on the left has to be stitched yet also.


And after mentioning the other day that I had not forgotten Uncommon, Common Bride I thought I should dig it out and see what I had.  I thought to pick out some fabric for the border that needs applique on it.


All the fabric I had put aside for this quilt – so much left over – some of it matches up good with the Love Entwined fabric so it will get sent over to that basket when I am done!


here is some more of the color


more colors.


I don’t know how much progress I will make but I will leave it on the table as the table is not needed right now.

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  • Pip Aug 30, 2013

    Love Entwined is looking really lovely, I’m loving seeing all the different versions popping up.

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