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Red & Green Traditional Applique

I had such a horrible headache for a good part of yesterday that I did not do a lot of quilting.  The headache seemed to be getting  out of here the closer and closer it came time for my dentist appointment so I kept it – went and did grocery shopping too.  But the whole day I just felt “off” if you know what I mean and I had a neck ache the entire day.  Maybe today will be better?  I do not get headaches often and they are almost always due to sinus allergies and right now weed pollen is high so maybe that was the cause?  I take two allergy meds daily year round heaven knows what they would be like without them – I used to have headaches a lot before I started the meds some years ago.

I had showed the last of the work that I quilted on the Red and Green but seeing as I didn’t do much work I thought I would try for a better close up well the lighting was good late yesterday afternoon.


This big center block will take a little bit of time each time I come to it as I am going to quilt around each circle – each one is 1/2 inch diameter and there are 26 of them in each pineapple.


I did get more hand stitching done and just this little bit of the zigzag border to stitch on Love Entwined and I will thankfully be finished with the border on this section of the quilt (2 more zigzag borders to go later on and they will be much longer than these are!)  But even though the border zigzags will be done there is a lot more to go in this center medallion – I still need to put in 4 flowers from part 2 before I can begin part 3 – which will really start to liven this up more.


I have not gotten back to watching my Crazy Quilt class – I meant to do that but with our daughter and son in law in town from Thursday until yesterday I didn’t get around to it – hopefully I will start to squeeze that in soon.  Now that Ric’s mom is doing better they are back home again – it was a health scare that was the cause of this visit.

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  • Nedra Aug 20, 2013

    It’s allergy season here in Arizona, too. I usually don’t have too much trouble, except in August. And this year because we’ve had very little rain, I’ve done OK. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Nedra recently posted…Skill Builder BOM by Pile O FabricMy Profile

  • Cathi Aug 20, 2013

    It’s allergy time here too – along with being quite warm and humid. A good time to stay indoors!
    Cathi recently posted…Kaleidoscope StarsMy Profile

  • Noreen Aug 20, 2013

    Hi there, I take Chlor-Trimeton in the mornings if I am having allergies. I used to get Sinus Headaches which were as bad as migraines. My heart goes out to you if you suffer with those. Love your quilting-simply perfection-your stitches are so perfectly even. I’m spending time right now quilting and best get to it.
    Hugs, Noreen
    Noreen recently posted…Needle and ThreadMy Profile

  • Debbie in Alaska Aug 20, 2013

    I hate headaches…you always look fine on the outside but your head is screaming! I get them too but mine are very much related to hormones. Thank goodness in recent years Excedrin has put out a migraine formula that works great for me! Great progress on the red and green. I stumbled onto another blogger who was working on Love Entwined…it sure is a daunting but gorgeous project.
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…Seems to be a PatternMy Profile

  • Glenda Australia Aug 20, 2013

    Hi Karen have really enjoyed my visit, it is great to see the close up photo’s so many hours and hours of work here. Your border for LE may be taking a long time but it looks wonderful. Cheers Glenda Australia

  • Doreen Aug 20, 2013

    Love the cross-hatching!! Quilting those little circles is definitely NOT me! But so beautiful!! Hugs……
    Doreen recently posted…Time at the RV and special “eats”……..My Profile

  • jennifer Aug 21, 2013

    Hope you get to feeling better. This time of year seems to get a lot of us with allergies.

  • swooze Aug 21, 2013

    My allergies have been really acting up lately as well causing me headaches as well. One thing I was doing and need to get back to is using my neti pot. It comes with saline packets that you mix with distilled water and flus your sinuses out. Amazingly when I use this regularly I use NO allergy meds! There are videos on you tube of people using this thing. If you want to try it and want some tips just let me know. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    swooze recently posted…Road to Brenham Sew AlongMy Profile

  • Bunny Aug 21, 2013

    Your quilting is beautiful. Hope your headache is gone by now.
    Not fun at all. Love your zig zags too.
    Bunny recently posted…WIP WednesdayMy Profile

  • Rowena Muller Aug 25, 2013

    Your red and green is looking beautiful, such even quilting stitches! I really like the fabrics in your zig zag, I’m still plugging away at mine, 2 sides left now!
    Rowena Muller recently posted…Love Entwined Flowers and Zig ZagMy Profile

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