Mushrooms and Quilts

Love Entwined – Esther’s BOM, quilts

It has just been so nice outside the last couple days that I have not been extremely busy with quilting—also our oldest daughter is in town visiting as her mother in law has been sick so she is in the area for 4 days.  We are lucky that when she visits the MIL she is only two miles from our house so we see her off on – but that also means I don’t get in as much.  MIL has more room so they stay with her and need to help her right now anyhow.

Last evening though as she was visiting I got hand work done and finished side two of the zigzags for Love Entwined – now I need to make the zigzags for the side 3.


Before Melanie came over to visit in the evening though I was out cutting grass – it was so nice to cut grass when it was only 70 degrees – the high was only 72 about 18 degrees below normal.  I saw the most perfect mushroom when I was cutting grass though so had to get the camera – it has been so wet and cool so many more mushrooms than we normally see.  Look at this perfect one.


Look how big it is! my hand doesn’t cover it.






So many different kinds I find them pretty most times – some are ugly – but these all today looked good I thought.

Hard to see the quilting but I have 8 of the 30 blocks now quilted – the yellow down to the blue and over to the striped block and will continue on the four patch next to the green.


Well be spending time with Melanie this morning – we are going for a walk and then shopping – another nice day!

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  • kaholly Aug 17, 2013

    So glad you get to spend some time with your daughter! Wow! That’s one big mushroom. Glad you took a photo before you mowed it over. Your quilt is looking great, and I love that zig zag on Love Entwined. You work fast!
    kaholly recently posted…Not So FlimsyMy Profile

  • Nedra Aug 17, 2013

    Look how big those mushrooms are! And enjoy the time with your daughter.
    Nedra recently posted…More Judy Niemeyer Trunk Show QuiltsMy Profile

  • Mary LeClerc Aug 17, 2013

    With all the rain we had a yard full of mushrooms last week. They are not usually seen so it looked odd.
    Mary LeClerc recently posted…#4 & 5 Two PineapplesMy Profile

  • Cathi Aug 17, 2013

    What an enormous mushroom!
    We’re now getting summer heat. At this time of year though, it always cools off at night.
    Cathi recently posted…Looking BackMy Profile

  • Marianne Aug 20, 2013

    Wow – that was a huge mushroom! We’ve seen quite a few on our walks in the town forest. I think the more brilliant the color, the more deadly. At least, that’s what I’m sticking to! There have been bright pink and lemon yellow ones, along with whole swaths of Indian Pipes. I had never seen those before we started walking in the forest.

    Your Love Entwined is really coming along nicely, and I love the soft colors!

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