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Love Entwined – Esther’s BOM, Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses, Red & Green Traditional Applique

I managed to finish side 2 of Patchwork of the Crosses – on to side three – I think I will take it to the quilt group with me this morning and continue to work on the border of side 3.


This is heading out on to the 3rd side so not all folded over and pinned yet.


On Wednesday night I got done with this much!  Lots of straight lines go quickly.


I had to finally break down and do a plastic overlay for the Love Entwined quilt.  I started to have problems with the zigzag border and the fabric is too hard to see through and no big light box.  I have the design all traced out and laid the top under it.


These zigzags are the problem!!  My fault, even though I traced all of stitch lines some did not come out perfectly – the fabric shifted, ect, I didn’t remember to stitch right next to the line but not on the line.  These are all mistakes that I should know better with as much experience as I have in applique – I was in a rush!  So what now?  I will take these apart and do over again and check as I go to make sure everything is fitting in place and above all – take my time!!  It is not big horrible mistake – it can be fixed and I will try to make sure I don’t do it again.  I might even try the wash away fusible that I have now that I have figured out how to use it.   Smile  (all of these fabrics will eventually be in the quilt – the little bits of color look pretty good I think.


I wish I would have cut my center square just a little bit bigger but I don’t usually have the problem that some appliquers have of their background shrinking up a bit – by laying every thing out and glue basting the way I do the fabric normally stays pretty flat – I will have a little bit to trim down to the size it is suppose to be after part 3 or 4 or is it 5 – I don’t know – we have a lot more to put in this 31 1/2 inch square (or dimensions close to that I forgot the exact number)  I’m not sure how many more months we will be working on this square before we move on to the next piece – no body but Esther knows!

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  • Riekje Aug 9, 2013

    What do you mean by gluebasting. Do you glue the back of the whole piece of fabric and what glue do you use. Wallpaper glue for instance or a dryer one. rnRiekje Drachten The Netherlands.

  • Rita Larson Aug 9, 2013

    Karen,rnI did the same thing~~I didn’t cut my square large enough..I hate it, but I sure don’t want to re appliqué all the center. I’m going to add a small border of background to make the center square larger. I think I’ll make it fit by putting the seam line under the first zigzag. I’m like you, I’ve done way to much appliqué to make an error like that!

  • Karen Aug 9, 2013

    Riekje – here is a link to how I use the glue —

  • audrey Aug 9, 2013

    Too bad about your zigzag border! I know you’ll get through this, you’re so determined. It’s looking really good!

  • Thimbleanna Aug 9, 2013

    Wow Karen! You’re hiking right along on your Love quilt — I’m really liking the colors too — it’s going to be gorgeous. I haven’t had time to check on any of the others in the group since I’ve been gone — it’s so fun to watch everyone’s progress.

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