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I had thought of getting a Dutch Oven for some time after we got our motorhome but just didn’t get around to it until this trip. I do not have a oven in our small motorhome and we miss fresh baked good.   I still need to buy a carry bag for it but in the meantime a cheap tote bag from Lowe’s is doing the job.  I also need to get a chimney starter for charcoal which I do need – it will make getting the charcoal going much faster.

For my first experiment I decided on a can of jumbo refrigerator biscuits – open the can and they are ready to bake – I normally make from scratch – but there just isn’t enough room in this small kitchen that I have to do that.  I got a stack of aluminum foil pans that fit in the oven for easy clean up.  Spray the bottom of the pan with cooking spray and place the biscuits in the pan.


My oven is a 10 inch pan right size for two people and for baking.  I put 6 coals under the pan – evenly spaced – the charcoal are already gray but not too gray.


I then put 14 pieces on top – that is what the book says to do!  And it worked.  You rotate the pan in a quarter circle and then top the opposite way about every 5 minutes for baking for even browning.


Got my table ready as the biscuits were cooking – the stew was already done and staying warm on the stove in the camper. (remember this table cloth I made from a charm package? – I machine quilted it for practice and decided to have it be our picnic cloth!)


20 minutes later – my biscuits turned out perfectly!!!


The bottoms are evenly browned also.


Our stew and biscuits – I think Mike was very pleased to get these biscuits – I think he really wondered if they would turn out as he hadn’t been acting like he thought they would – he loved them and I think he will want more in the future Smile


While they were baking I put some firewood around the side as a wind break – it was breezy.    One piece of iron next to the pot is the stand to put the lid on if you are checking things as you go, otherwise it acts as a stand for the pot when you take it off the coals.  The other piece which I didn’t get a photo of well is the hook that you use to lift the pot and the top of the oven when you turn it.  It gets very hot.


Picture that shows how you do some of this.


At the campfire working on Hexies – not a great  photo, but there you go – we are camping I’m certainly not dressed up – I think I must have been moving my hand rather quickly – LOL that one sure is blurry!


Next post will be from Wisconsin – hope you liked this area of Minnesota as much as we did.

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  • Vivian Sep 14, 2013

    Would love to be there. Looks seewwww peaceful.
    Vivian recently posted…Middle ageMy Profile

  • audrey Sep 14, 2013

    Great job with the biscuits! It sounds like you’re enjoying your vacation very much.:)

  • Mary Ann Sep 14, 2013

    The biscuits and stew look yummy!! Glad you are enjoying camping in MN…….I think Wisconsin is a beautiful state………..first time there on my annual shop hop this past June………….safe travels…………

  • Doreen Sep 14, 2013

    All looks wonderful…..and that stew and biscuits—awesome! I do remember that table quilt!!!! Happy trails………
    Doreen recently posted…Wandering the Black Hills……..My Profile

  • Karen Sep 14, 2013

    it is very peaceful here – I love stew and biscuits and we will have more of it I am sure another day!

  • Marianne Sep 15, 2013

    Good job with the Dutch oven – guess that’s why they are called Dutch ovens! I don’t enjoy camping but do admire people who do. It is just so much work, cooking outdoors, paying for hot water in showers, keeping dry and warm. But it really does look like you’re having a relaxing time, and that’s what vacation is all about.

  • Vivian May 24, 2014

    Hi, discovered your blog from your Bloggers Quilt Festival entry. Looking around your blog I saw you had posts on Dutch Oven cooking and checked them out. I too have a Dutch oven (DH and I love to go camping). Was wondering about the book you mentioned — is it the manual that came with your pot or an actual book about Dutch Oven cooking?
    Vivian recently posted…A New Post for the Tuesday ArchivesMy Profile

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