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quilts, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

I was pretty sure I could finish the applique on the Uncommon, Common Bride yesterday and I did.  Today I plan on putting the final border on it.  Then of course I need to figure out what backing to use – I have no wide backs  (actually I have one but it meant for Carousel) so it is either order something or piece it.  Thank you all for your opinions on the border stencil.  I tend to agree with the majority on this – the more plain geometric type design will look better – the flower border -while I love it doesn’t have the same type of flower on it and might not look right.  I need to plan a different quilt that will use the flower border – I have three sizes of that design-I might need to do a whole cloth at sometime that could use it – an idea to think on.

So this will be the border to use on this quilt.  It will be awhile before I use it as when I use a hoop I start from the middle and work my way out.  I was going to work on Carousel next but I think I want to continue on with this one instead.  It might actually get done quickly because I will be quilting around a lot of that applique. (one can hope it will go quickly)


I don’t know if anyone remembers this block – I had brought it along to work on our trip and barely touched it.  I brought way too many projects with me on that trip!  This block is for the quilt called “Floral Fantasy” a William Morris in Applique by Michelle Hill.  One day this quilt will get done but not until well into next year at this rate.  I don’t believe I have even half the blocks done and then there is a border of course!  As anyone who is an expert at applique will see that I have not been doing a spectacular job on this block – too many pointy pieces – oh well maybe it will hide among the other blocks and not be real noticeable.


Three more rows of blocks to finish going in one direction on this one before I turn it and start the opposite way.  It is taking a little longer to get it done than I thought it would but I haven’t done one this large before – it is going well though and I haven’t had to adjust my tension even one time!


Now if anyone wants to have a laugh today I will share with you a cake I made – and I forgot to flour the pan – it stuck and I had to pry it out!!  the top looks a bit beaten up doesn’t it – the glaze clumped up and we had a laugh about it.  It has been awhile since I had one turn out like this.  It tasted good though Smile  They can’t always look pretty can they!


Part 5 of Love Entwined came out this evening and I haven’t even started on part 4- so much for keeping up with it.  I’m printing out all the instructions though as I get them and saving them onto the computer – I will get back to it when I get caught up on some of this quilting.  When I get done with the applique block above that quilt will get put aside once again and maybe I will get back to work on the Red and Green.

thanks again for all the opinions – I read them all and tried to send a note back thanking everyone but I probably missed some of you and I was glad to see some comments from some readers who have not left comments before – thank you for coming our of “lurkdom” LOL – I really appreciate it.

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  • kaholly Oct 15, 2013

    I really love the border you chose! I admire your applique work. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it, esp. all those pointy pieces!! I’ve got circles down pat, though!! I’ll just have to be satisfied with that. I’d rather take too may projects with me when I travel than not enough!! If I don’t have busy hands, I get antsy.
    kaholly recently posted…Canadian ThanksgivingMy Profile

  • audrey Oct 15, 2013

    Very brave to post a pic of your cake! I bet it did taste good regardless. Always enjoy looking at your quilting progress.:)

  • Victoria Oct 15, 2013

    Don’t worry about how your cake looks the important thing is that it tasted good jajajaja. About one or two weeks ago I sent you an email to your gmail address, have you received it?. Love!
    Victoria recently posted…Bodas de oro / Golden wedding anniversaryMy Profile

  • Glenda Australia Oct 15, 2013

    Hi Karen you sure have been busy, not sure when you found time to make the cake, it’s the taste that counts my Grandies tell me when the same thing happens to me LOL. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…WOW 16th Oct 2013 with Esther http://www.estheraliu.blogspot.comMy Profile

  • Jane in Wales Oct 16, 2013

    What a beautiful border! Those ‘funny’ cakes sometimes taste even nicer…..
    Jane in Wales recently posted…“Quilting………”My Profile

  • Helen Marasco Oct 16, 2013

    Lovely border, and the cake sounds delicious 🙂
    Helen Marasco recently posted…Quilt Me Club 2013My Profile

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