Quilting and Scraps

quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

Well progress on both – first the Red and Green Applique – I am almost to the halfway point on this final border section going across.   Odd angle – but hard to get it all in it is so long – this much left to do.  Still possible to get it done by the end of the year – but my arthritis has been bothering me a little bit in my hands so I am not going as fast as I would like.  When I get this quilt off the frame I will need to slow down and if I don’t get done with a two big ones (hand quilted) a year so be it.


The scraps – yesterday I was working on wire basket #2 and finished it!!  It went faster than the day before because I was finding some big pieces in this basket that I didn’t cut up – this one here 2 pieces that equaled at least a half yard – I fold them to fit the comic book board in this case and several others and they go on the shelve.


Fold them to fit on the board and pin them


Up it went on the shelf with others – I think out of this basket I folded at least 4 or 5 pieces, how they ever got put in that basket is beyond me – obviously I put them there but I don’t know why!


Some fabric I remember exactly why I bought and how long ago – this is from the quilt that I made my grandson before he was even born – he is 13 1/2 now!  Wow – I might have another piece some place I know I have used scraps of it in I don’t know how many quilts!  Very little left of it now so it got cut up.


Stack of 2 1/2 inch wide strips – some are folded but even so that is 3 inches thick there in the middle – they are all different lengths.


Basket #3 is quite full and waiting for me today.


This will give me more space on this shelf  for sure because I intend to go through the 2 stacks of various size fabric up there and refold it and see what I have – some if not all will go on those comic book boards that I have and the shelf well be filled back up again soon I bet.


And after basket #3 I still have all of this waiting for me to go through – some are whole fat quarters and will be saved as such and others are smaller and there might be a couple that are closer to a 1/2 yard in there too.  I want to fold all the fat quarters so they will not be almost toppling over and get those wire baskets out of there.  It would be nice to sort all fat quarters by color also when I stack them back on the shelf.


These 3 stacks are waiting too


And one more – can I stick with it?  I really do not know but I would like to try to stick with it and organize and use the scraps – hopefully by cutting them up like this I will.


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  • Jill C. Dec 28, 2013

    Red and green looks wonderful. Like how you folded fabric. I need to organize my fabrics. Have you tried the compression gloves for quilting?
    Jill C. recently posted…Design Wall ~ The Final StretchMy Profile

  • Liz Dec 28, 2013

    You go girl!!! Some everyday….
    Liz recently posted…Celtic Solstice Part FourMy Profile

  • kaholly Dec 28, 2013

    You’re doing a great job! I reorganize my meager stash every fall because I put it all away when I leave for the winter. I never do it the same way twice! This year it was by color in seperate containers. The Red and Green quilt is coming along so nicely. You have great stick-to-it-iveness! Keep up the good job!
    kaholly recently posted…Merry ChristmasMy Profile

  • glen in louisiana Dec 28, 2013

    I do so love my comic book backer boards. I get them by the hundreds and gift them and use them. The Goth Guy who owns the shop says he makes more money off the quilters now than some of his comic book people! Who woulda thought?
    glen in louisiana recently posted…Quilt Room Dreams Crashed to the FloorMy Profile

  • Debra Dec 28, 2013

    You have inspired me to get organized and sort through my scraps for the new year.
    Debra recently posted…New Hip and Further Weight LossMy Profile

  • Lynn W Dec 28, 2013

    Love what you’ve been doing. I like your ideas for the scraps. I usually put them in a zipper bag that one gets with sheets. I will start cutting them into squares like you did. Might come in handy when I need them! Hate cutting them when I need them. Lol Awesome job on the red and green.

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