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And one day getting closer to getting this mess of fabric organized! And I will be closer by the end of the week I hope – I feel as we are to get really cold weather again Monday – Wednesday that other than going to the fitness center to work out I will be inside hibernating so what else to do other than cook or clean!

I spent most of the day Saturday working on the last of the 6 wire baskets and then tackled the tumbling fat quarters on the shelf.  Among the fq’s were lots of pieces that were smaller than foldable size and/or that I did not want to reserve as fq’s – like ugly pieces that I knew I didn’t want to keep whole Smile  Right now I have a mess sitting on top of the little ironing board–  LOL well you look at that and that little bit of black sitting on the cutting table will end up there as well.  All of this is ready to be cut into useable pre-cuts.  My scrap boxes are going to be full by time I get done with all this and I haven’t even started on the wicker basket yet.


I do have some already pressed but then I got tired of that and went into the fat quarter piles.  Before you know it I was refolding and organizing by color and I accomplished a lot.  Here is just a peak at what I have done so far.  More to come in the next photo.  I think I will have all arranged by color and boxes by tonight.  I have a couple decorative boxes that I want to pick up that I saw at Dollar General and then I think I might have these shelves done!


My box of orange/brown/yellow is overflowing as I added more to it after I put this photo up – I think I will need another box and separate out more.  I was kind of surprised at how many I have in that color range – I think a lot of it was from when I was working on the rainbow Joseph’s Coat quilt – I got more than I needed in that line of colors I think.

I have used up all my comic boards for wrapping fabric around also – there was 50 in the package and I remember using a couple for something else and I will look for some poster board today to cut to the right size as I have a little more fabric to wrap.

I am going to have a lot of pre-cuts to make use of soon!

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  • Astrid Jan 26, 2014

    Lots of fabrics to organize, but before you know it’s done! The fabrics in the boxes look so yummy! 🙂
    Astrid recently posted…A scrappy Sunday – Disappearing pinwheel blocksMy Profile

  • kaholly Jan 26, 2014

    Scraps multiply on their own, didn’t you know? The more you use up, the more you have. I haven’t figured that out, yet!
    kaholly recently posted…Texas On IceMy Profile

  • Swooze Jan 26, 2014

    Great job on the organization. This is an area I am concentrating on as well…scraps and organization in general.

  • Doreen Jan 26, 2014

    You certainly made huge progress!! Those shelves look amazing!! I’ve been so busy sewing/quilting that my sewing area is getting that “well used” look!!!! Straightening up is something I usually do once every year, or so!!!! LOL!

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