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The binding is coming along on the Red and Green and as I write this last night  and know that I have only half a side of binding to finish I am pretty sure that as you see this post this morning it will be done.  There are a few places I need to fix things before I wash it.   This is a big quilt and as I rolled it up as I worked I had forgotten a few places here and there that had been quilted in the border design that I neglected to do on other motifs – mainly the big flowers here and there – those need to be finished before I wash – it won’t take more than another day most likely to fix these few spots.  I said that I fold my quilt to work on the binding –   I lay it on the floor and fold in half, then half again and again until it is about this width then over to the couch it goes and I drape it over my lap and work on it like this  – well it is actually a long piece – this is folded when I was not working on it – too much order needed in my life?  LOL – I am comfortable with it like this any time of the year.


I was asked which area on this quilt the Uncommon, Common Bride was already quilted when I put it on the frame – the very middle medallion where you can see the baskets in the corner – that area nothing else  except around the applique pieces in the next area – yes it is easier for me to quilt this on the frame then in the hoop – I feel I have better control over it – 75 x 75 is a little big for me to work in the hoop. It was too cold in the sewing room to work in there yesterday what you see on the border had been worked on over the weekend.  I will get back to it today – temperatures are to be much warmer – in the 30’s!  LOL who would think that was warmer – the heat pump works much more efficiently above 25 degrees. (it is an old heat pump I don’t know if new ones are better – I have heard not really that much better)


I have made copies of the templates needed for the corners of Floral Fantasy out of the freezer paper and while watching tv last night in the living room where the fireplace is I was cutting – maybe I will get to one corner this week – I have the green for the corner pieces picked out but I am not sure what color the flowers will be


I need to get the hexagons back out to work on again also – I don’t want it to sit too long – I have a feeling I could put these rows together quickly if I concentrate on it like I did with Joseph’s Coat – that one went together really well.  The Diamonds are Forever will be my take along project to quilt group but I also want to work on it at home – if it proofs too difficult to keep track of the design though by having it be my take along then I will just work on it at home – that is what I needed to do with Joseph’s Coat – I started to get mixed up and it wasn’t going well.

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  • Astrid Jan 7, 2014

    I think we all find our best way to hand stitch the binding as comfortable as possible. When I do big quilts, I usually empty part of the sewing table and put in there. That works for me. 🙂
    Another beautiful quilt almost done and another one on the frame! Love them both! Hope you are not hit by that extreme weather and that you stay inside and keep warm!
    Astrid recently posted…A finished UFO and other small projectsMy Profile

  • CJ Tinkle Jan 7, 2014

    It’s beautiful, as always! I hate doing bindings. Hate em!
    CJ Tinkle recently posted…Scrappy half square triangle quiltMy Profile

  • Swooze Jan 7, 2014

    Thanks for the answers! I too am glad it’s warming up.

  • Thimbleanna Jan 7, 2014

    Wow Karen — you’re off and running in this new year! I can’t wait to see the Red Green quilt all finished — that’s my favorite of your current projects!!!

  • Archiethewonderdog Jan 7, 2014

    I can’t wait to see the Red and Green quilt all finished! I love how you’re quilting Uncommon Common Bride and think the diagonal lines work wonderfully with the cable border!
    Archiethewonderdog recently posted…Catching upMy Profile

  • Loretta Jan 7, 2014

    How close to the edge do you hand quilt? I usually leave about 1/2″ so that when I square up the quilt for binding I don’t cut into the stitching, but wondering what other hand quilters do.
    Loretta recently posted…One of My Projects…My Profile

  • Karen Jan 7, 2014

    Loretta I try to stay a half inch away from the sides at least – I’m not always right on that though and occasionally have had to pick out a few stitches and put a new knot in

  • Angie in SoCal Jan 7, 2014

    By now you have probably finished that binding, so I say congrats on your first finish of the year. I, too, look forward to seeing it.
    Angie in SoCal recently posted…Applique? More like Catch-Up TuesdayMy Profile

  • Cathi Jan 7, 2014

    It looks gorgeous – I can’t wait to see it when you’re finished. I think binding is my favourite part – it’s so nice to have a quilt draped over my legs on cold evenings. And we’re sure getting the cold evenings!
    Cathi recently posted…A Sunny SunflowerMy Profile

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