Just One of Those Days


Nothing seemed to want to go right for sewing yesterday.  I was working on a Granny Block and it seemed to be going well until I started to put the rows together – something was off – it was either throw the block away or take the whole thing apart and re-measure the blocks!  Obviously my ruler slipped a little somewhere and kept on slipping LOL because it was more than one block that was off.

At first I was going to throw it away – do you do that? Or do you take it apart – I was in the process of crumpling it up in my hand getting ready to toss  – when I straightened it out and got the seam ripper Smile I just couldn’t toss it.

Unpicked, pressed, rows in one direction sewn – all looks like it will go back together right so this is where I pick back up on it today.  I just really liked the colors and couldn’t toss it!  (and yes I was off on more than one block – my hand was just not holding that ruler steady.)


Yesterday morning went well though and I finally got all the fabric that was over the chair cut and put away in it’s boxes.  This is the 2 inch box – it is getting pretty full.  I haven’t any idea how many can fit in this box – I have not counted – nor well I!


So is the 5 inch box! lets just say this box is going to either make several really big quilts or a whole lot of small ones!  This is what you can get if you save and cut your scraps.


Now if you can’t quite see how many that is – here is a comparison – this package of charm squares on the right has 100 pieces in it – Fossil Ferns by Benartex – I got it on sale at Craftsy over the Black Friday sale in November – I have two big stacks  like the one here on the left side of the charm pieces that I cut – so maybe I have 500 charm’s (5 inch pieces) – more 400 of they are compressed together like the wrapped package?


Working on this side of the Uncommon, Common Bride last night and ready to roll down today.


I put some water on this area so you could see the quilting that I am doing better – the blue lines always takes away from the quilting doesn’t it.  The thread is a pink to brown variegated #944 King Tut.  I love King Tut variegated.  I rarely ever use plain color thread anymore for my quilting.


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  • Barbara Jan 30, 2014

    I would love of get my leftover fabrics in control. What size scraps do you think are most useful for scrappy quilts? I see you have a box of 2 inch and one of 5 inch squares. Any other size you would recommend? I also have a bunch of random 2.5 strips.

  • Nedra Jan 30, 2014

    Oh, how discouraging. I know how frustrating it is when your measurements are off. It really is a great quilt, so keep trying!
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  • SharonS Jan 30, 2014

    LOL I have just finished ‘unsewing’ several blocks on my current project. My husband wants me to make him a tee shirt quilt from his shooting competitions. I only had twelve blocks to work with but two of them were of a different size. I was using the Twist and Turn technique to frame each block and since there was only a 1/2 inch difference in the blocks I decided to go ahead a use the triangles I had already cut for the other blocks. Bad idea!!! Once I started to frame each with sashing it became apparent that it wouldn’t work. Took me a whole afternoon to unstitch my blocks, recut the triangles and resew them corrently. Lesson learned…don’t take shortcuts!!

  • Vicki W Jan 30, 2014

    I love that you use color thread for your quilting. It shows off your beautiful stitches.

  • Charlotte Jan 30, 2014

    The colors in that block were much too pretty to toss. I do a lot of ripping!
    Your quilting is so perfect!
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  • Carla Jan 30, 2014

    I had one of those days too! I was marking a top and found a half square triangle block turned the wrong the way. I had half the quilt sandwiched, so I picked out the square turned it and hand pieced it back in. I haven’t done much hand piecing, but am glad for the experience I did have. It all worked out. I was also grateful that I had just gotten a new seam
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  • Audrey Jan 30, 2014

    There just seems to be days like that. Usually I just move on to another project or a different kind of quilting (hand quilting perhaps?)

  • Doreen Jan 30, 2014

    I am so glad you caught yourself before discarding that block. I have done the same so can totally understand the temptation. The colors are so lovely! The variegated thread (and your stitches) are beyond lovely!!!! Nothing beats the look of hand quilting!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs………….
    Doreen recently posted…“Stained Glass” quilt……………My Profile

  • Nancy Feb 1, 2014

    Such beautiful hand quilting. I really like your thread choice.

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