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I got two more Granny Blocks done yesterday – I had been away from them a little bit what with all the cleaning I have been doing in here.


They do look pretty up on the wall – I still need to stop back at Hobby Lobby to get more flannel for the rest of the wall and more boxes.  Looking at the blocks I can get more of an idea what colors to choose – like the middle row that has both red and yellow in it – I need a couple more in those type of colors to balance it all out in the end or that one block will stand out.


The boxes that I am using for organizing my fat quarters and my scraps that I get from Hobby Lobby can be found here  they are acid-free.  I had a few place concerns about using boxes to store fabric in as they thought they would get stained – I have never had a problem with that but the boxes are acid free as they are intended for photo storage.  The couple boxes that are on the shelves now that are regular cardboard will be replaced as soon as I pick up more of the photo storage boxes – I ran out.  The cute fancy looking smaller boxes I got at a store here in the US called Dollar General another store here called Tuesday Morning I think has them also – I do not have any link for them and I did a search – I’m afraid I do not know if any place over seas sells them.

Work continues on the Diamonds are Forever – I am connecting the 5th row on here.  This is my listening to the news work Winking smile have to do something enjoyable to get through that it is always depressing!


Status on the Uncommon, Common Bride – on to the last borders!  Unless my fingers give out on me I should be done with this one within 2 weeks I think (or I hope).


I think the hydrangea is confused – budding out already from some of the warm weather we have had and here it is freezing cold again for the last couple of days and next week more to come again.  I have to start wandering the yard at this time of year to start to see if anything is showing signs of spring – yes the plants are showing signs – besides the hydrangea I found some little buds for leaves to develop on the rose bushes and a couple trees!


Now this photo might look odd but I had a hard time taking a photo looking out the window at night!  on Sunday night it was still about 50 degrees at 10 PM and we had moths on the window that had been attracted to the light in the sewing room (excuse the reflections)!  they have been coming and going with the cold/warm weather – I’m really surprised they haven’t died!


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  • kaholly Jan 28, 2014

    I’m so envious of your design wall…your granny squares look lovely displayed on it. I can’t believe how much progress you make on your quilting frame!! You have such stick-to-it-iveness!!
    kaholly recently posted…I’M the WinnerMy Profile

  • Thimbleanna Jan 28, 2014

    Looks like you’re hiking right along on all of your projects. Won’t be long before you have all the grannies that you need! And I can’t believe you have buds! It was -15 here this morning on the way to work — it my hydrangeas dare to bud it will be the end of them!

  • Sue Daurio Jan 28, 2014

    Love the granny square. That pink one in the bottom row is my favorite, it’s got a 3d opaque-ish look to it. And love the hexies. I’ve got to get moving on mine.
    Sue Daurio recently posted…We’re moving – Sewing rooms that isMy Profile

  • Nedra Jan 28, 2014

    All 3 projects are coming along nicely. And the hydrangea’s are budding? I’ve been reading of the cold, and I hope they make it to Spring.
    Nedra recently posted…Celestial Splendor QuiltMy Profile

  • Audrey Jan 28, 2014

    Your granny squares look fabulous!

  • Victoria Jan 28, 2014

    Hi! I like your Granny’s quilt and it’s a wonderful way of using scraps. I have two quilts already cut and sewing the first one so maybe after sewing those two I maybe give granny’s a try. Congratulations on your effort of arranging your sewing room, it looks nice!
    Victoria recently posted…De lluvia y botines nuevos / About rain and ankle bootsMy Profile

  • Esther Aliu Jan 28, 2014

    Oh those granny blocks are just so charming 🙂

  • Plum Cox Jan 29, 2014

    You are making good progress all round! The sound of your boxes makes me *almost* want to get cracking and sort my room out too!
    Plum Cox recently posted…More hand stitchingMy Profile

  • Glenda Australia Jan 29, 2014

    Karen were do you find the time to do every thing??? Love the quilt wonderful fabrics to die for. How quickly your hexagons are growing and they look so fresh and spring looking and I agree with you it seems to be all doom and gloom on the news at present. Thank goodness for a needle and thread plus lots of WIP !!!! If I love to be 100 I will never finish them all LOL. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…WOW 30th Jan 2014 with Esther Profile

  • CJ Jan 29, 2014

    Wow you are really making progress! I have to say, now that all my granny blocks are done, I don’t care for mine. The colors are way too blah for my taste, I like yours much better!
    CJ recently posted…No shoe joy!My Profile

  • Marsha Cooper Jan 29, 2014

    Hexagons are next on my list to take to my stitch groups. I’m sure the ladies there won’t have a problem giving me some instructions on how to make them. I have a box full cut and I bought a package of the pre-cut cardboards.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday 1/29/14My Profile

  • Deana Jan 29, 2014

    I don’t know what to say other than I LOVE THEM ALL! Are you hand quilting the quilt on the frames?

    I too have started and put away a Grandmother’s Flower Garden variation. I love them, but oh the time they take. Yours is getting pretty good sized. Way to go!

  • Victoria Feb 1, 2014

    Hi! I wish I had a sewing room or even an specific table to sew. I don’t have a cutting mat, rottary cutter or sewing machine so I’m quilting like 200 years ago! jajaja but enjoying sewing by hand and a friend of mine who has cutting mat and rottary helps cutting fabrics for me so there are the two quilts, one progressing and the other one waiting its turn inside a drawer. Love!
    Victoria recently posted…Tutorial: Las 18 manualidades más pineadas durante 2013, cómo hacer en casa productos de limpieza y un móvil para bebé con búhos/ The 18 most pinned diy in 2013, diy cleaning products and and a nursery owl mobileMy Profile

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