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On Tuesday night I didn’t quilt for a change! Yes that is right I took a night off of the quilting frame.  Instead I worked on the applique for the checkerboard quilt – red/black – I was watching both of the NCIS shows so I just ended up in the living room instead for a change.  I got the first of the four blocks finished – it is large applique and easy. Then on Wednesday I got the other 3 blocks of applique prepped but none are glued in place.

The first block is finished.  The next three are cut and ready to work on – I will update as I get these appliqued to the blocks – no rush – I just wanted to jazz that top up a little bit but it was a good example for showing how to piece and put blocks together.



I do have the circles gathered for the 3rd row of the Granny’s Got Style border but I need to do the finish of the prepping for the circles before I applique – I have a tutorial for how I do the circles on the side bar – look under Tutorials.


Give away for the Prairie Point pressing tool continues – go to this link to sign up – almost to 100 – so close!

Today was the day Mike decided to get that dead pine tree down that was on the very edge of our very large front yard – there is one more that is dead up there as well although you can’t see it from this angle – the top half of it has already fallen so it shouldn’t be too hard to get down – first is clean up of this one.  Warmer weather is coming and we will get tired of this clearing of the dead trees soon – we are already beginning to swat little flying bugs away from our heads even on a breezy cloudy day as yesterday was.


This picture gives a better indication as to how far from the deck I am standing on this tree is – it also shows more how large the yard is.  Just missed that flower bed!


I had been watching a Pileated Woodpecker attack this tree all winter so I’m kind of sad to take it away – but it needed to be down – look at those large holes it left behind.


My hand by it so you can see.


The rhubarb growing – I had it covered up with leaves the last three days as it was supposed to get down to 24 but then they changed it to 28 but it never got below 32 here so I uncovered them yesterday.


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  • Kathy ... aka Nana Mar 27, 2014

    I’m so far behind on NCIS this season. I’ve recorded the shows I’ve missed and need to have an NCIS marathon one of these days during one of my quilting marathons … maybe today since it’s going to be a rainy day.
    Kathy … aka Nana recently posted…Wednesday HodgepodgeMy Profile

  • Sarah in UpstateNY Mar 27, 2014

    I checked out your circle tutorial the other day and I’m definitely going to have to try that the next time I do circles. My husband and I both watch the two NCIS shows, too. We end up recording them on our DVR and then watch them on Wednesday or Thursday evening and fast forward through commercials. ;c)

    We also have a pileated woodpeckers. They started attacking one of our cherry trees by the edge of the lawn, so we’ll have to take that tree down in another year or two. The downside is that the little bugger had to peck on the side of the tree that faces the house so we now see the large holes. Too bad he didn’t do it on the other side so we wouldn’t have to look at it. :c)
    Sarah in UpstateNY recently posted…Time….My Profile

  • Charlotte Mar 27, 2014

    Oh! Good thing the tree missed the flower bed!!
    Charlotte recently posted…A New StartMy Profile

  • Penny Mar 27, 2014

    What a difference some applique can may to a project. During my recovery I have been doing the McCalls QAL of Erin’s wallhanging. This is my first attempt at applique besides sewing Dresden plates. It is so, so relaxing, I am loving it but I think I am going too slow as the ladies at my quilt group are amazed at my small invisible stitches. Erin used the starch and press method, so when I finish this I would like to do another one in needle turn. One step at a time though. Must check your circle tutorial as I had a point or two occur but left them as I was not up to fiddling with them.

    Wow, I have not seen woodpecker holes before, they certainly can cause damage to tree trunks.

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