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What else is there to do when it is cold outside, ice on the ground – for me it is reading, sewing, quilting, sometimes baking – clean the house – yes that had to be done too and toss in some laundry as well.  Now maybe it will be warm enough to get out of the house today – hope so!

Yesterday I got busy with the sashing on the Granny Squares.  The long strips are just pinned up on the design wall right now – I need to make 4 more strips – 2 for the sides and one each for top and bottom and then maybe I will get started sewing those strips on.  After I get done with the sashing strips I will decide on the border – I think I know what I want to do but not positive – I want it to be queen size at least.


More quilting on Patchwork of the Crosses – these areas done on Sunday night while listening to the sleet hit the window of the sewing room



I have been getting quite a few questions again from people seeing this metal “stick” on the quilt and asking what is that sitting on the quilt – it is my hand held thimble also known as  a “paddle thimble link here.  Yes it does take some getting used to – when you get used to it you do not want to use another when sitting at a frame – my opinion – you can quilt in any direction you want to go without twisting your body like a pretzel.  I have 2 of them – I had three but I traded one to another quilter.  I have been using this thimble for years – I really do not remember how long – ages!  It is perfect for anyone with joint problems, sores on their knuckles from numerous medical conditions and cannot wear a regular thimble because it rubs your knuckle– or because you just want to use it in any direction you want to go.  I wrap the handle with numerous things because in the winter when my hands are cold they feel dry and it tends to slip out of my grip – blame it on arthritis and cold hands.  It doesn’t need a “gripper” unless you want to put one on it.


Little further with the baby quilt but I am just picking it up now and then and not working steady on it – that big needle kind of bugs me – big stitch quilting takes some getting used to I think.  I am getting close to half way done with the border then I need to go back and fill in the big blanks in the half square setting triangles.


Have a great day everyone.

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  • Nedra Mar 4, 2014

    Your Granny Squares is really coming along nicely, especially now that you can add on corner stones and sashing.
    Nedra recently posted…I’ve Been GoosedMy Profile

  • Glenda Australia Mar 4, 2014

    Oh gosh Karen so much progress every where this week. I do love the way you are quilting the baby quilt it is so pretty. Great to see all your crosses completed lots and lots of cutting and piecing there, not to mention all the hrs, just as well you have been house bounded LOL. CHeers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…WOW with Esther 26th Feb 2014My Profile

  • Esther Aliu Mar 4, 2014

    Great progress! The baby quilt is so charming but I love the patchwork and crosses so much too. I enjoy being housebound with nothing but quilting to do, I’m waiting for the weather to turn cooler as it’s been too hot and humid for me to be as productive as I’d like. Yesterday I spent all day hanging out washing, so today…quilting!
    Esther Aliu recently posted…WOW: Spare a Heart?My Profile

  • CJ Mar 4, 2014

    All three are beautiful! I really like the quilting on the baby quilt, it just makes it!
    CJ recently posted…I finished the scrappy X quilt!My Profile

  • Kathi Mar 5, 2014

    Loving watching how you do the sashings with cornerstones… the quilt I am quilting now I did cornerstones on and most don’t match as they should 🙁 Thanks for sharing… love your Patchwork progress and your baby quilt progress… all are looking great! Hope you will share more about how you line up your sashings so well on such a long line of quilt blocks so it turns out right! Hope you warm up soon! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…WELCOME! My new vintage sewing machine 🙂My Profile

  • Kathy ... aka Nana Mar 5, 2014

    I want to do big stitch quilting, but I don’t care for using a bigger needle (one of the reasons, I suspect, why my previous attempts to applique have been epic fails) … plus I worry about whether my fingers/brain will try to revert to small stitching. Hope you’re thawing out!
    Kathy … aka Nana recently posted…Wednesday HodgepodgeMy Profile

  • Marsha Cooper Mar 5, 2014

    All of your projects look wonderful!
    I will have to check out that paddle thimble. Right now I don’t even use a thimble but I sure need to get used to using one…or 2….over poking my fingers all the time.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday 3/5/14–Retreat Report!My Profile

  • Dena Mar 5, 2014

    You have been busy. The granny squares quilt is lovely!
    Dena recently posted…WIP – National Quilting Day
    A Brief History of National Quilting…
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  • Teresa Rawson Mar 7, 2014

    Your quilting is so beautiful! I used to have a paddle and I loaned it to someone who ultimately moved away. Thanks for the link so I can get another one. I thought it was pretty cool!

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