Rolled It Down-End In Sight

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Sunday night I rolled Patchwork of the Crosses down and there was the end!  It is always such a good feeling to see that happen – knowing that all the work is almost finished on a quilt.  This one has been going by super fast and I know it is because I have been working on it almost every day – something I normally do not do when I put a quilt on the frame – sometimes taking a break that turns into weeks instead of days.  I put this quilt on the frame February 7th – wow.


Besides the tree log flower bed I showed you all last week another thing I saw on Pinterest was making a flower container out of a tree stump – Mike cut a hole into this one for me and I planted one flower plant with a little ground cover – it is not a real deep hole though so I don’t know if it will make it – lesson learned if we do another – make the hole deeper to make sure it will have more room.  I will need to check this often and the other one also to make sure it has enough water until the roots actually grow into the wood.


Leaves on the trees!  Some big leaves and some barely there but growing green they are.



Rose Buds!


After such a busy active week of trying to get the garden done and the decking clean I found I was totally exhausted yesterday – I did finish the binding on the table topper, washed the kitchen floor and did hardly anything else but sit around and read and quilted for a bit in the evening watching tv like I normally do – I do not consider that work though Smile – I hope my energy level has come back today!

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