Binding and Quilting

Dear Jane – “Insanity Revisited”, Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses

Do you ever have those days at the sewing machine where you regret that you sat down in front of it?  Mine was one of those days – but the binding is now on Patchwork of the Crosses and I can sit and enjoy the hand stitching part of it!  Mostly it was I just wasn’t in a sewing machine mood today – but I told myself to sit and sew and that was most likely my problem.  Puckers, seam on binding landing in corner and needed to be fixed – running out of bobbin thread and not realizing it for about 18 inches didn’t help LOL.  Do not sit and sew at the machine if you do not feel like – it is bound to give you a headache and ruin part of your day with frustration!

But the binding is on and one side is almost all the way hand stitched in place.  I will be working on this off and on all week.


Someone had said they would miss the aqua color – it isn’t all used up yet!  Way back about 5 years ago  make that about 6 years or more ago – I just looked at the link and I finished it in 2009  – I fell in love with these two aqua colors and meant to use it all up in a two color queen size quilt that ended up being a Christmas table topper LOL – do you remember the reverse applique quilt called Dutch Treat?  (4 inch finished blocks)  Well I started it and lost interest in it – possibly because I was working the Dear Jane at the same time?  Or because for that particular project I didn’t like how the colors looked and I was having difficulty working with those little pieces!!?  Well I had ordered a bolt of each color on a very good sale (like $5 a yard) – glad I did as I have been using it little by little and this is what is left of those bolts – not a whole lot left.


Dear Jane – Insanity Revisited – I have gotten one corner done – the outside edge that is quilted is actually my cut here line for when I do the binding – I basted the outline of the scallops down – but because I was in hand quilting mode I took tiny stitches instead of big stitches.


This much of the scallops done – and will continue to work on the scallops and the other corner and then roll it down so I can reach better – the first corner I was reaching too much but I wanted it complete.


And yes later in the day I got out of my sewing machine funk and did a couple more rows of the Sunny Days quilt.    Maybe three more strips?  Something like that – it will get done one of these days!


Thank you to all of you who place  Craftsy orders through my blog link – I appreciate it Smile

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