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Because I never know where we will have internet I am doing as I did in previous years writing blog posts and scheduling in advance – I will almost always be some place else when you read the blog – sometimes I can only get on line for days in a row if we happen to stop at a Wal-Mart or some place else to pick up groceries and eat lunch in the camper in the parking lot –sometimes I check and see if the hot spot on my phone works and if it does I get my computer out while eating lunch and get on line to schedule the blog posts that I have written at the campsites.  Rarely do we get internet service out in the primitive places that we sometimes camp at.  National parks rarely have wi-fi in the park campgrounds – oddly enough though if I bring my phone with me on hikes at times I will check my phone to see if I have a signal and I will find that I have one.  Then I stop for a break and check mail, check facebook to get in touch with family and tell them where we are.  Sometimes if you get an answer to a comment you have left me I might be on a trail some place!  I enjoy keeping in touch with you all – I have been addicted to the computer for years!

Yes I know – you really can’t say we are really roughing it when I have a tiny kitchen, a bed and a tiny bathroom right – but when you are dry camping you have no hook ups so it is a little more rustic then camping at a place that has a swimming pool and laundry facilities Smile

While we were at Wind Cave National Park we roughed it – no hook ups.  I made a small cake in my Dutch oven and learned a lesson of making sure to count my coals right so the whole cake is baked through!  Part of it was good!!  I should have put less coals on the top so it the top wouldn’t have cooked faster than the bottom – live and learn – I’m still new to Dutch Ovens.

Here is my ingredients for my cake – don’t count the measuring cup to the side with the tea strainer – I was brewing some green tea for iced drinks at the same time.  Tiny kitchen and not a lot of room to work!!  So this is Pumpkin Quick Bread with a few things added and I called it cake!


Pumpkin bread mix, 2 small snack packs of golden raisins, 4 pieces of Dove dark chocolate chopped in bits – 2 eggs and 1 cup of water I think – I used the recipe on the package and added the chocolate and the raisins.  I sprayed a layer cake pan and set it in my Dutch oven and then carried it outside.


I swear to God it looked finished – I wouldn’t want it much darker than this – I tested it with a substitute cake tester as I had no toothpicks – I used a plastic dental floss stick LOL – I thought it would test correctly – no dough stuck to the pick.  I let it set to cool for about an hour and cut into it and the center wasn’t done Sad smile  well I did what you do when you camp – scrape off the part that didn’t cook and eat it!!  LOL really – it was good.


Eating the evening meal on my quilted large tumbler quilt that I made last year before we left on our trip then.  It is getting some use and the colors are so bright that if you spill anything and it doesn’t come out in the wash it is not noticed!


Our campsite that we had for 4 nights.


Hope you all are doing great and keep on quilting!!

(edited 8/11 – I have been busy scheduling some post in advance as I know there will be times I won’t have internet, I accidentally posted the date wrong on one and some of you might have seen a post out of order from the badlands and others will not have seen it at all – that’s ok – it will be on the schedule as it should have been on the 17th)

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  • Thimbleanna Aug 12, 2014

    What a great little picnic/table cover! It screams “Quilter Camps Here” LOL! I love camping — food just tastes better in the great outdoors. Looks like you’re having fun!

  • Deb Aug 12, 2014

    well don’t feel bad about your cake / that happened to me last year with a brownie mix! It was a new “family sized” one…the middle was all gooey. Ha, the fam never knew…I quickly just cut all around the middle, piled them all pre-cut onto the plate and sent them outside to the guests 🙂

    Enjoyed the cave shots too! : )
    Deb recently posted…Front porch views : pictorialMy Profile

  • Nedra Aug 12, 2014

    How fun to use a scrappy quilt as your table cloth. I like your idea of camping 🙂
    Nedra recently posted…Spinning Mills Quilt is a Winner!My Profile

  • Hannele Aug 12, 2014

    Your camping place looks quite cosy and peaceful – what more could one wish! And I’m sure that after all bakery challenges the cake must have tasted just delicious 🙂
    Hannele recently posted…Pari matkakuvaa – On a roadtripMy Profile

  • Debbie in Alaska Aug 12, 2014

    Fun! I am amazed you get so many photos posted with the lack of internet service…that always seems to be the hardest part for me when traveling…internet speeds are often so much slower! The cake absolutely looked done to me too! Guess you will just have to keep making those cakes until you get it just right…yum!!!
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…My Comfort ZoneMy Profile

  • melanie goad Aug 12, 2014

    Your camp site is beautiful! I’m jealous!
    melanie goad recently posted…melaniegoad:

    August 10, 2014
    Winding down the last project and…
    My Profile

  • Carla Aug 12, 2014

    I love quilters that use their quilts. Afterall, we won’t learn to love them if you don’t use them in our daily lives. I think you are doing well with your posts considering how much internet time you have. The campsite looks so peaceful!

  • Miriam Aug 12, 2014

    Your cake looks delicious! Hope most of it was cooked through.
    I’m enjoying your holiday photos. Thank you for sharing.
    Love your picnic quilt.
    Your campsite looks very relaxing.
    Miriam recently posted…Piecing and AppliqueMy Profile

  • Marianne Aug 12, 2014

    Your campsite looks quite pretty, so I guess it’s worth not having all the amenities. Give me a motel any day, but I know some people really love “roughing it.” You really are brave baking on/in coals. I think I would just fill up on granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches! 🙂 It’s also impressive that you blithely put a lovely handquilted piece on top of your picnic table – and it doesn’t look any worse for the wear. Keeping things clean and dry has always been a challenge for me when camping. Of course, I can’t remember one time that it didn’t rain when I have been camping in my life. I am jinxed. On the last camping trip – about 20 years ago – I spent a whole day in a laundromat due to torrential rains!

  • Debra Aug 12, 2014

    Your Pumpkin bread looks delicious, even if it wasn’t quite done. Love you picnic table cloth.
    Debra recently posted…More Quilt Canada Invitational 2014My Profile

  • Kathy ... aka Nana Aug 14, 2014

    I would have thought that your cake was done as well … it certainly looks yummy.
    Kathy … aka Nana recently posted…Tuesday’s TrivialitiesMy Profile

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